With over 20 years of installing miles of steel edging we have developed what we truly believe is the most effective metal garden edging on the market.

Despite being a commercial product installation couldn’t be simpler, this page explains what’s different and better about our steel edging system.

Steelscapes solid steel edging strips with are ideal for creating permanent metal lawn edges which look crisp every time you cut your grass, a steel edge to borders which will never loose their shape and our market leading 6mm thick steel edge strips are perfect for edging driveways and paths, flexible enough for creating beautiful flowing curves and strong enough to tolerate being driven over.

Our pedigree speaks for itself with an enviable client list to include, The National Trust, The Royal Estate, English Heritage, Royal Horticultural Society, and many of the countries leading designers and landscapers. We have supplied our steel garden edging to the Gardeners World Live Show, RHS Tatton Park and our Corten lawn edging to Chelsea Flower Show gardens. Certainly not forgetting countless private gardens all over the UK and beyond, some of which can be seen in our portfolio.

Buying your metal garden edging from us, the sole designers and manufacturers of Steelscapes edging, you can be confident of excellent value and service.

See our metal edging price list at the bottom of the page.

We encourage customer engagement, please speak to Dawn or Jimmy in the office with any steel edge queries. Tel: 01485 524251 or email us on


With each order you will receive:

The section of steel edge with stakes, sleeves and bolts welded onto the unseen side

Fixings required – all joining plates and nuts to connect to the next section of garden edge or a corner piece.

Stakes simply hammer them through the sleeves to secure the edge.

This is everything you need to create straight lines or curves.

We can also provide corner pieces and sections cut to length.

Please get in touch to find out more.

To place an order with us, just get in touch with your requirements or fill in the quote form, for a same working day reply (typically within the hour 8am to 4.30pm). We always prepare a quote by hand for approval before payment.

self fit metal edging kit
Classic steel drive edging neat edges
Raised beds steel edging pathway border
self fit steel edging and raised beds in the garden
Make the perfect edge selection for your garden


Our self fit metal edging is available in 3mm or 6mm thicknesses. Our 3mm thick option is available in three heights, 75mm, 100mm and 150mm. This can be bent by hand to form your own corner to any angle. Our 6mm thick metal edging is also available in these heights plus 200mm and 300mm which are most frequently used to create raised beds and planters, soil retaining and commercial landscaping. Our 3mm thick edge is supplied in minimum 2m lengths and the 6mm option is supplied in 3m lengths. These longer lengths simplify and save time on installation.

Our standard and most popular edging is Mild steel, this will weather to brown over 6-12 months. For faster weathering (as little as 1 month) we offer Corten edging, or Galvanised edge for a permanent grey/silver finish.

Please enquire for pricing on our Corten and Galvanised garden edging.

As a general rule we recommend burying half of the edge in traffic areas such driveways and paths and a third when edging lawns and borders. When creating steel raised beds or terracing and need to make the most of the edge height we recommend setting the edge at least 3cm in the ground.

There is more information on edge selection on the Steel Edging FAQs page and the Metal Edging Explained film above, or please get in touch and we will be happy to help.


Steel thickness is the most important factor in edge strength and longevity, the millimetres count. We are keen for potential clients to understand the commercial nature of our edge and are happy to post a short steel sample free of charge in order to gain an appreciation.

A unique joining system

Our steel edging uses a nut bolt and overlapping plate joining system which is extremely strong but most importantly there are no fixings or bolt heads on the seen side, leaving a continuous clean, flat steel face in which the joins are hardly visible. The secure nature of the joining ensure curves flow uninterrupted and straight runs are … Straight

Simple to install

Once the site is prepared all you will need for most installs is a 15mm spanner or socket and a lump or sledge hammer to knock the stakes in.

If you need to cut the edge to length our joining kit provides a simple means of reconnecting the cut end to the rest of the edge. (You will need a drill) see our buying guide for more information on these and our installation guide on how to use them.

Stakes with more grip

Our angle iron stakes have greater surface area in contact with the soil than the more common round stakes, reducing their movement in the ground. The angle iron sleeves surround the stakes providing a secure fit against the edge.

Create beautiful curves

One of the many advantages of steel is its natural flexibility and its ability to create flowing curves with little effort. Despite its thickness even our 6mm metal edging can create a complete circle with a diameter as small as 4 metres and the 3mm thick edging down to 2 metres. This path using our 6mm thick edging was achieved with minimal effort.

Excellent value

For the thickness of edge and specification our edging offers excellent value for money. See our price list.

Bespoke corners

We can provide corners to any angle internal or external to seamlessly attach to all our edge sizes.

Ideal for traffic areas

Installed correctly our 6mm thick steel edging will withstand wayward wheels with no need to haunch with concrete. This makes installation quick, simple and also allows lawns and plants to thrive right to the edge as their roots are not restricted by a concrete shelf
A majority of our competitors offer a maximum of 5mm thick. Ours is 6mm, its 1mm, buts its 20% more steel and strength, and you can feel the difference. When edging driveways, or creating raised beds this matters.

Personal service

This is a big one for all of us here at Steelscapes. Whether going the extra mile to meet demands of trade accounts or guiding those new to the world of steel edging, we encourage you to engage with us to ensure you receive the most appropriate edging solution.


Click on the images below to explore a range of applications

Metal border and bed edging
In our opinion there is nothing better than our metal edging to create a sharp divide between gravel and borders than a steel edge.

Metal driveway edging
For the cleanest crisp driveway edges our6mm thick steel edging will tolerate being driven over without requiring concrete.

Metal path and lawn edging
Straight or meandering pathways are quick and simple to edge thanks to our simple and robust edging system.

Framework to informal schemes
Our robust joining system allows tight curves to flow unaffected through joins enabling you to create imaginative shapes set in steel.

Resin bound surfaces
Steelscapes edging is a favorite among resin bound and surfacing contractors looking for edging which is simple to install and will tolerate the rigours of a construction site.

Steps and terracing
Using our 200mm and 300mm high edge options you can create steps and level changes with ease. All edge sizes are available in Mild, Corten & Galvanised steel.

Retain lawns
Create, crisp but subtle level changes and divides when using our metal edging to retain lawns.

Raised beds
Steelscapes’ 200mm and 300mm high edging is strong enough to retain soil and flexible enough to form sweeping raised beds.

Upstand to retain soil or mulch
6mm thick edging is ideal for creating an upstand to retain soil or mulch. To keep your lawn clear and clean.


While our edging is very simple to install, if you are looking for some help, please see our installers page with a map of trades who have experience installing our products.
If there is no one in your area, please get in touch with us as we may know someone.


See our specification drawings for both self fit and installed edging options and woven steel fencing.

These are also available to download as a PDF for design and drawing.

Steel edging self fit technical drawing


Simply fill in the same day quote form, email or call us. We will prepare your quote by hand for approval and include payment details.



Price per metre, includes stakes and fittings.
Supplied in 3 metre lengths.
Minimum order quantity of 12 metres.

Height (All 6mm Thick)Includes StakesIncludes all FixingsPrice Per Metre Ex Vat
75mm37cm long, every 75cmJoining plate and 4 nuts£19.50
100mm37cm long, every 75cm40cm long, every 75cm£21.00
150mm45cm long, every 75cmJoining plate and 6 nuts£25.50
200mm45cm long, every 75cmJoining plate and 6 nuts£32.50
300mm50cm long, every 75cmJoining plate and 6 nuts£45.00
Delivery on whole orderAll order sizes £65.00


Price per metre, includes stakes and fittings.
Supplied in minimum 2 metre lengths.
Minimum order quantity of 12 metres.

Height (All 6mm Thick)Includes StakesIncludes all FixingsPrice Per Metre Ex Vat
75mm37cm long, every 75cmJoining plate and 4 nuts£16.50
100mm37cm long, every 75cmJoining plate and 4 nuts£17.50
150mm45cm long, every 75cmJoining plate and 6 nuts£19.00
Delivery on whole orderAll order sizes £65.00


These may be required for some projects.

AccessoriesDescriptionPrice Per Metre Ex VAT
External Corner 75mm to 200mm high 90 degree bend where the outside (270 degree angle) is on show£20.00
Internal Corner 75mm to 200mm high90 degree bend where the inside (90 degree angle) is on show£20.00
Corner pieces 300mm high90 degree bend (please specify internal or external)£25.00
Corner piece custom angleA corner piece custom made to your specified angle (please specify internal or external)£30.00
Joining kitOnly needed when you cut the edge on site and need to rejoin cut ends£12.50


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