Born though demand from our fencing customers, we now offer metal gates made from woven steel which complement a woven steel fence perfectly.

All are made to order to any size up to three metres wide, able to span six metres as a pair. Unlike most gates available online, ours comes with posts + all hardware as standard.

We offer our woven steel gates in both: bare steel, which is left to weather naturally or if you would like a more contemporary statement, we offer a galvanised version.

So whether you are looking for a pedestrian gate, side or garden gate or a pair of driveway gates, we're offering our amazing woven steel design.


Woven Steel Gate Norfolk
Pedestrian gates sit within this woven steel fencing giving access to individual gardens. Made to fit, these gates are wide enough to provide maintenance access but small enough to fit within the scale of the areas they contain. When closed they continue the flow of the fencing almost seamlessly.
Woven Steel Driveway Gate
This large pair of driveway gates blend perfectly with this woven steel fence. The customer installed these themselves. Our gates are supplied with pre-attached hinges and most of the hardware to make installation as simple as possible. This photo was taken shortly after installation, it takes 6 - 12 months for the steel to weather to a warm brown. We can provide gates up to three metres wide, spanning up to six metres as a pair.
Woven Steel Galvanised Gate
One of our galvanised gates. Same style but a completely different look. These are highly contemporary. Like our bare steel gates these are made to order making them perfect for wide span driveway gates, small pedestrian and garden gates. Set them within a woven steel fence for a striking contrast or as a stand alone feature in themselves.
Beautiful Woven Steel Gates
The beauty of making gates to order is that we can make almost any size. Here, a small garden gate is used to separate areas within a garden, ideal for keeping small animals and children in or out. The weathered steel is a lovely compliment to flowers and foliage and a gate helps to create a sense of journey within the garden. We don’t use any plastic products on our gates so the entire construction ages beautifully.
Single Woven Steel Driveway Gate
A single leaf large driveway gate. Our client did not have anywhere to hang a gate from on the opposite side so requested a large single gate. They had already installed their own woven steel fencing from one of our kits so a new woven steel gate was a natural progression. We use heavy duty hinges on all our gates and these can be adjusted during and after installation.
CGI Render Woven Steel Gates
One of our galvanised side gates shown set into a wall as a CGI. The galvanised finish is a striking contemporary statement, being a neutral colour it also fits perfectly in the garden setting. It looks especially effective with purples so we enlisted the services of a local company to demonstrate this with a computer generated image!


Please see below on prices, we make every gate to order so please get in touch with your requirements and we will provide a bespoke quote on the same (working) day.

We have displayed the prices on a range of sizes as an indication. Please note these include everything you need to install your gate. Please see what’s included below.

All prices are EX VAT and do not include delivery

Woven Steel Gate - Bare Steel

Woven Steel Gate Bare Steel
Gate Size:
0.9m wide / 1m high £655.00
0.9m wide / 1.8m high £685.00
1.5m wide / 1m high £790.00
1.5m wide / 1.8m high £1020.00
2.2m wide / 1m high £1020.00
2.2m wide / 1.8m high £1330.00
3m wide / 1m high £1230.00
3m wide / 1.8m high £1645.00

Woven Steel Gate - Galvanised

CGI Render Woven Steel Gates
Gate Size:
0.9m wide / 1m high £865.00
0.9m wide / 1.8m high £905.00
1.5m wide / 1m high £1005.00
1.5m wide / 1.8m high £1300.00
2.2m wide / 1m high £1260.00
2.2m wide / 1.8m high £1635.00
3m wide / 1m high £1500.00
3m wide / 1.8m high £1970.00



Typically gates are secured to posts cemented in the ground and as standard we supply posts 800mm longer than the gate height to allow for this. Occasionally posts are attached to walls for example between two brick piers or a garage and house.

Please let us know if this is the case and we will supply shorter posts which sit at ground level and fixing points on the wall post/posts to enable wall fixing. Wall fixing posts are supplied just 35mm longer than the gate height to allow for ground clearance.

Please see the wall fixing instructions in the installation guides below.
Woven Steel Gate Bare Steel Posts


These are pre attached to the gate and fix to the posts using bolts. This makes installation a quick and simple process. There are two hinge options depending on the type of gate you choose as described in the installation guides below. Both hinge options are adjustable and capable of supporting much more weight than we ask of them.
Gates butt hinge


We fabricate these by hand to ensure the same heavyweight feel as our gates. Each gate comes with the latch and latch catcher as standard or if you looking to automate your gate we will provide a ground mounted gate stop as standard.
handmade steel gate handles included


Installation of our metal gates couldn’t be easier. We supply posts cut to the correct length, the hinges and latch are pre attached. Once the posts are secured in concrete the gate is attached to the post with the fixings supplied.

We use different hinges for larger and galvanised gates than we do for bare steel, pedestrian and side gates. The appropriate instructions will be attached with your gate. Both are available to view by clicking on the image below.

Galvanised and Driveway Gates

Bare Steel Pedestrian Gates

Post Fixing Guide



When fixing into a set size gap such as between brick piers or buildings please measure the narrowest point between the two. If they look parallel to one another it’s still best to measure the top, middle and bottom just in case. Using the narrowest point we can then calculate the actual gate width required allowing for the posts and gaps between posts and the gate. Please see the example below.
Installing into Fixed Gaps installation guide


There are two options, left hand or right hand hanging. We will always ask this before fabricating your gate, however as you have almost reached the end of the installation guide you may be interested to know now!

Hanging side is the side the hinges are on when facing the front of the gate, we class the front as the clear side without the hinges or latch on show. Please see the graphic below.
Steelscapes DoorHanging 2200x350 1


Do I have to pay extra for the gate posts?

No, these are included in the price, we believe that there shouldn’t be any extras, our prices include the gate posts, hinges and fixings.

What do I need to do to look after my new gate once it’s installed?

The only thing you need to do is put a drop of oil on the moving parts a couple of times a year.

How big can a driveway gate be made?

A single gate can span up to 3 metres wide and 2 metres high. As a pair, this would mean that you could cover 6 metres wide.

How long will I have to wait for my new gate to arrive?

Our standard lead time for delivery is 4/5 weeks as each gate is handmade to order, however, if your needs are urgent then do let us know as we may be able to accommodate a faster delivery.

Can the gate be hung from any side?

The gates are made to order & you choose which side you would like to hang the gate from, we are happy to advise if needed. The hanging side only applies to single gates (most side gates and pedestrian gates) driveway gates are usually ordered as a pair.

Won’t the latch and hinges get stiff when weathered?

Simply put a few drops of oil on the hinges and latch a couple of times a year - that's all the maintenance that your gate will need.

Can I install two gates as a pair?

Yes all our gates can work as a pair.

How long will I have to wait for the bare steel gate to reach its fully weathered colour?

The rusting process takes about 6 months in damper or coastal areas and can be up to a year inland and in drier areas of the country.

What colour options and finishes do the gates come in?

Our gates come in 2 finishes, untreated steel which is left to weather naturally to brown, and Galvanised which arrives shiny silver but will weather to a matt grey. The weathering process is usually around 6 months but can vary in different regions and climate conditions.

Can I get a very narrow pedestrian gate?

All gates are made to order and can size from 600mm wide.

Can I get a metal fence to match the gates?

We supply woven steel fencing to match the woven steel gate as standard, but can on request provide a price for the other styles.

Can I install this gate myself or do I need to book a professional to do it?

Fitting any gate requires some physical strength, to dig and lift, but apart from this, our gates are very simple to install. We feel it is important that we do as much work as possible in our workshop before we deliver it to you. In simple terms, you just need to cement the posts into the ground (or attach them to a wall), then attach the gate to the post using the fixings we supply. Smaller gates require 4 holes to be drilled into the posts, we supply the drill bit for this, and larger gates simply bolt onto the posts using our special 4-way hinges. Installation is as simple for a small side gate as a pair of entrance gates.

What type of hinges are used on the gates?

On the bare steel pedestrian and side gates we use butt hinges, and on the larger driveway gates and all galvanised gates, we use 4-way adjustable hinges.

Are all the hinges adjustable?

Yes. Whilst adjustment should not be necessary once installed, we feel that the ability to be able to make adjustments is important.

Can the gates be automated?

Yes, all our gates can be automated. We do not supply or fit automation equipment but do let us know if you are going to automate your gates as we will supply a ground stop instead of latches.

What metal are the gates made from?

All our gates are made from mild steel, except for the fissure gate, which has some stainless steel. The galvanised gates are a core metal of mild steel, but the latches are stainless steel.

What if my gate post can’t go into the ground, can I attach it to a wall?

Yes you can, often this is the case with smaller pedestrian and side gates between buildings. For this, we supply shorter posts & wall-fixing points on the post.


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