Inspired by artisan woven willow and hazel fences, our contemporary steel interpretations are as much a piece of architecture as a functional fence or decorative screen.

There is appeal in the irony of an industrial material taking on such a fluid, organic appearance.

Our woven steel fencing generates interest and admiration during installation and thereafter. We regularly install our fencing for designers, architects and private individuals looking for a unique but also a very practical fencing or privacy screening solution.

Once installed the steel can take 6 to 9 months to fully weather. The brown rusted tones are the perfect backdrop to plants and trees and also provide an ideal support for climbers. We can install fences as low as 10cm up to 2.5 metres in any increment of just 5cm.

We are also able to install both stainless steel and corten fencing and screens, please enquire for pricing on these options.

If you are based in Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and South Lincolnshire, it is likely you are covered by our installation service (depending on the metreage required).

Please see our two self fit options or contact us.

We are also able to supply these in both stainless steel and corten as panels and made to size privacy screens.
steel fencing and screens
Fabricating on site allows almost unlimited flexibility.

Our woven steel boundary fences or garden screens can be installed in straight lines, with angles or curves. Cut ends are welded and smoothed on site.

Unlike many things in life chosen just for their aesthetics, our fencing is practical, robust and will last in excess of 20 years.

We are also able to construct the fences in corten and stainless steel. Please contact us for prices in these materials. Gates can be made in the same material making them almost invisible within the fence.
Bespoke woven steel fence norfolk


The flexibility of steel allows our woven steel fencing to be used for numerous applications. Here are just a few. Please note some of our fencing images were taken shortly after installation before the steel has had time to fully weather.
woven steel fence gas tank

Garden screening for gas and oil tanks

Being non-combustible, our woven steel fencing is ideal for screening gas and oil tanks. We have also created bin stores and air source pump screens. Gates can be included for easy access.
woven steel fence backdrop

Metal garden screens

Our metal garden screens are often used to provide a backdrop and shelter to features such as seating areas, planting and focal points.
woven steel fence suffolk

To retain soil

Woven steel is an ideal solution for retaining soil to create terraces or simply as a feature. Being rot proof also makes woven steel a very practial choice for the garden.
bespoke woven metal gate fencing

Metal woven gates

Gates almost appear as a continuation of the fence and are available in many width and height variations and are unique in their own right. Please enquire for pricing.
Woven steel feature screens

Freestanding metal panels or screens

Our woven steel fencing can be used to create freestanding metal screens or panels to provide privacy, a backdrop or to frame a vista through the garden towards a focal point or view.
woven steel fence above wall

Additional wall height

Additional height can be added to walls, fences and even most hedges with the addition of our woven steel fencing. As light can pass through the weave, this is achieved without being too overbearing.
woven steel fence stainless steel

Stainless steel garden screens

While we usually work with mild or Corten steel, if you're looking for something even more contemporary, we can produce stainless steel garden screens and panels.
raised metal steel vegetable garden beds

Metal raised beds

Metal raised beds can be created from our mild or stainless steel fencing, either straight or curved, a longer lasting and unique alternative to timber.
fence norfolk

Woven metal fencing

Or just create a simple stunning fence, which looks as good along the rugged Norfolk Coastline as in an ultra modern city garden.


woven steel technical drawing
specifiation drawings for woven steel fencing gate


Please see the pricing below for our woven steel fencing. While these prices are accurate, please contact us for a written quote. Alternatively, fill in the woven fencing quote form and we will get back to you later today.
AreaPrice per square meter ex VAT
First 5 to 10 square metresSupply and installation£130.00
Next 10 to 50 square metresSupply and installation£120.00
50 square meters or moreSupply and installation£100.00
Prices assume the site is ready for the installation with no clearing or levelling and the site is within 50 miles of King’s Lynn. If you are within 100 miles of us, it is worth getting in touch as we sometimes venture further.

Alternatively, fill in the woven fencing quote form and we will get back to you today.


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