Estate fencing has been part of the quintessential English countryside for over 200 years. It is now more popular than ever with developers, private individuals and landscapers looking to bring a high quality, traditional and rural look to the landscape and from £28.00 per metre.

Our estate fencing is the traditional five rail fence at 1.2 meters tall. A solid round top rail and 4 lower flat bar rails. It is as suitable for retaining livestock as it is a decorative fence.

Unlike domestic estate fence options, we don’t use hollow tubes, box section or powder coating.

Our estate fencing is fabricated by us from UK steel.

We offer two estate fence options, ready made estate fencing panels for the ultimate in estate fencing convenience. The second option is a weld you own estate fencing kit which includes all rails and posts with holes to receive them.

There is full in formation and pricing on our dedicated estate fencing website at Countrywide Estate Fencing  or you can contact us directly with your requirements.

We offer two self fit estate fencing options
Panels and a weld your own kit.


estate fence panels

Supplied in 2 metre panels.

Cost per metre ex VAT

£48.50 unpainted
£53.00 painted

This is the most convenient form of estate fencing, they are very sturdy and quick to erect. We don’t think you will find estate fencing panels of the same specification for less.
Each ready made estate fence panel is 2 meters wide and 1.8 meters tall allowing for 0.6m of post below ground for fixing. They simply bolt together through pre drilled holes using the nuts and bolts supplied and are typically cemented in the ground. 

estate fence panel nuts

We provide black nuts and bolts to connect your panels together so there is nothing to visually interrupt this age old fencing system.

We can also provide gates, decorative posts and bolt down posts for hard surfaces. Please see the optional extras at the bottom of the page.

Our Estate fencing panels are as ideal for retaining livestock as they are for amenity situations.

For more information on our Estate fence panels see


weld your own estate fencing kits

Cost per metre ex VAT –  £28.00

If you can weld the weld you own estate fencing is the way to go. With each kit you receive all the pre punched posts and rails you need to build your estate fence from the ground up.

Instructions are provided with each order so no prior estate fencing experience is required.

To accompany your estate fence we can provide decorative posts and if installing onto hard surfaces bolt down feet are available on all posts. We can provide gates too, made to any size.

Please see below for details on these. 

If you can weld the savings here make this the preferred option.

With both estate fence options we provide detailed installation instructions or just call us for advice

installing estate fencing


Whether you are looking for gates, decorative posts or need to cut an estate fence panel to size we have a full range of simple, reasonably priced optional extras for every estate fence eventuality.

End / corner posts

These give an ornamental and structural end to your fence or denote a 90 degree angle. When used with the panels we provide self drilling screws meaning the panels simply attach to them at any point with no need to drill a pilot hole. When welding simply weld the rails directly to the post.

end corner post for estate fencing

End / corner posts
£30.00 ex VAT

Any angle posts

Like the corner posts these provide an ornamental marker to a change of fence direction. Being round the fence can run to and from the post at any point or add other estate fence runs to it. As with the end posts the panels simply attach to the post using the self drilling screws provided or weld the rails to it.

any angle post for estate fencing

Any angle posts
£30.00 ex VAT

Bolt down plates

We can offer all fence posts, corner and any angle posts with bolt down feet, for securing your estate fence onto a concrete / paved surface. 

bolt down plates for estate fencing

Bolt down plates


Estate gates match your estate fence perfectly. Made to order in any width up to 3 meters (6m span as a pair). Each gate comes with a pair of posts, hinges and latch attached making installation quick and simple.

For prices on other gate sizes please visit Countrywide Estate Fencing or call us.

estate fence gates

from £295 ex VAT

We can also offer taller deer fencing, additional straining wire holes in posts for keeping in smaller animals. In fact if you have any estate, deer or parkland fence please get in touch.

welding estate fence


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