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We provide you with the materials and tools needed to build your own woven steel fence simply and quickly. Erecting your own fence from the ground up provides a rewarding and unique way to achieve a stunning and cost-effective woven steel fence. You build your fence in just the same way we do, but we have omitted the need to weld using modified posts and rivet fixings.

Create beautiful flowing fences or short freestanding screens to any width. Build formal or curved raised beds and soil retainers. You can step both the top and bottom of the fence to cater for a sloped site or stepped top. We can deliver throughout the UK and further afield subject to delivery charges.

The options with this system are almost endless. If you have an idea, no matter how unusual, let us know and we will tell you how or if it’s possible!

If your interested in a woven steel fence but don’t wish to build your own please give us a call and we can recommend an installer in your area or see our
recommended installers page.

What does a kit include?

All posts cut to length to include end posts with a cut slit for easy starting and ending the fence
All slats for weaving your fence
Rivets for joining the slats together
A rivet setting tool for connecting the slats
Drill bits for the riveting
Excellent after sales support - As always!
Corner post: please request one if your fence has a right angle bend
steel fence kit

What tools do you require?

Spirit level
The tubular post knocker ideally or a sledge hammer
String line
Grinder (if you need to cut the slats and necessary PPE)

How to build a woven steel fence?

Understandably most people feel a little trepidation taking on a new fencing system. Let us put your mind at rest. This is a forgiving fence to install.
Our feedback from those who have used our kits find that it is an enjoyable and rewarding process.

Summarised in three images

Knock the posts in

Weave the slats

steel weave fencing Cumbria
Rivet the slats together

steel riveting of a contemporary steel fence

Weaving your own fence instructions

1. Knock the posts in every 60cm. Leave the posts just higher than the fence at this stage.

2. Weave the first layer of slats along the whole fence line, overlapping them by around 10cm at the ends. Cut the end slat to length if need be.

3. Continue working along the fence to achieve the desired height, cutting the end slats to length (if required)

4. With the fence woven, knock the posts down level with the top slat

5. Rivet the slats together at the joins using the rivets and riveting tool provided

6. Rivet the top and bottom slat to every other post

Building your woven steel own fence is a relatively quick process. As a rough guide, two people should be able to install a fence 10 metres long / 1.5 metres high in a day, with the weaving itself taking just a couple of hours. You may be surprised to know you rarely need to cement the posts in, simply knocking them in is fine. We strongly recommend a tubular post knocker. They make fast work of hammering the posts down and give you control over their angle too. We can supply these at cost or send you the link to those we recommend.

We will provide more detailed instructions with your order with tips we have learnt from installing hundreds of fences and we are always on the end of the phone if you need us.


Anywhere you would like a contemporary, stunning and totally unique fence, screen or raised beds. A woven steel fence will out last a timber fence many times over and will never require any maintenance. This makes a woven steel fence a great alternative to a woven willow or slatted cedar, oak and hazel fencing or instead of timber raised beds.

Here are just some ideas. Please get in touch to discuss your project.

woven steel garden raised bed east anglia

Create raised beds or terracing

The self build system is extremely versatile and rot proof. Create intricate raised beds and planters or simply hold back soil to create terraces on a sloped site. Steel is the ideal material outlasting timber many times over.

woven steel free standing screen curved decreasing circle

Free standing screens to fit your space

Create an arc or sloped screens - or incorporate both to form a feature or encompass one.

woven steel fence on top of wall

Add height to a wall

Increase your level of privacy. We can supply posts with base or side plates for wall mounting, please enquire.

woven metal steel fence east anglia

Simply a beautiful boundary fence

It is likely to catch on with your neighbours!
Woven metal Fencing self build curves

Form curved fences with ease

Don’t be restrained by the usual straight lines. A curved fence leads the eye around the garden and reduces the feeling of confinement.
corten woven steel fencing angles

Angles are easily achieved

We can supply corner posts, or like here, you can simply bend the steel yourself to any angle.


We can also supply the following. Woven steel gates to your size. Corner posts for 90 degree bends. Additional end posts (if you have more than one separate fence section). Posts with plates for wall fixing. We can also cut slats to length which is useful for those looking to create short sections, raised beds or screen panels for example.

While the self build fence is typically supplied in mild steel, we can also supply Corten and stainless steel.

For your interest when installing fences ourselves we use mild steel, all of the images on our woven steel fencing portfolio are mild steel with the exception of two. Some were taken before the steel had time to weather to brown which takes around nine months.

Please enquire for a price on any of the options above.

Woven steel gate self build fencing east anglia
Gates are supplied with all ironwork attached and posts ready for cementing into position.
fencing self build wall top metal fixing
Wall top fixing plates attached to these stainless steel posts. The posts are cut to the required height and plates predrilled.
woven steel fence on top of wall
A fence with side wall fixing plates provides a nice break between the wall and hedge above.

How to make it happen

Simply fill in the quote form, email us a sketch or just tell us the fence length and height with details of corners, angles and gates. During working hours you will usually receive your personalised quote in less than an hour!

Once the order has been placed we will ship the materials to you complete with a tool kit and instructions.

Our fencing FAQs page has more information or just call us on 01485 524251.


We asked customers for photos of their creations and some comments on their experience of using Steelscapes.

Please bear in mind this is a new system starting last winter so the fences have not had time to weather fully and their gardens look rather dormant. We will add updated images later in the year to show how stunning the fences look after a few months.

Self build fencing kit provided to Cotswolds

Here we go with some photos of our finished project.

All went very well, we had lots of positive comments and several people asked us for details while doing the work.

We may well see a little colony of your fences down here in the cotswolds

You are so blindingly efficient, so pleased to deal with you and your delivery guy is a star too

C. P
Cotswolds Fencing
RHS Wisley Fence

Self build fencing kit supplied to The Royal Horticultural Society, Wisley

We were delighted to supply the RHS with our self build fencing kit for their new learning garden at Wisley.

The fence was beautifully installed by Landform Consultants and includes a pair of gates.

Its a great feeling to be a part of this amazing project by the RHS, a charity at the pinnacle of horticulture.

RHS, Wisley
Woven metal steel fencing in Kent self build

Self build fencing completed in Kent

We finally finished the fence today and it looks amazing!

We even managed to get some sunshine so I'm sending you some sunny pics in a separate email. I wanted to say thank you so much for a brilliant experience from start to finish.

The communication from the outset was excellent and the equipment provided was great. We thought that the box with all the bits and pieces in was very smart. The instructions were very clear and comprehensive. We particularly liked the idiot proof laminated instructions which we were able to use outside even in the rain! We had very few problems, but when we did, Jimmy was on hand to give advice and help.

I would thoroughly recommend Steelscapes to anyone who wanted to either have a fence installed or complete a self installation. We think this product is excellent value for money considering its durability and ease of build despite the obvious time commitment. It's a beautiful bespoke end product which would enhance any garden.

Thanks again, KL

Self build woven steel fence created in Suffolk

Please see the photos attached of our completed creation.

We are really pleased with the end result and I think we got the height just right. It took us longer than it should as our neighbours were rather intrigued to know what we were doing!

We are pleased that being so prominent it has been so well received.

We are now looking to see if we do something a bit more exotic with woven steel in the back garden!

Will be in touch, R & T S
woven steel fencing in Suffolk

Prices are based on a fence height of 1 meter, please enquire for fences under 5 square meters or less than 1 metre high.

First 5 to 10 m sq (please enquire if under 4 m sq)Posts cut to length, slats, instructions, fixings and tools£98.00
Next 10 to 20 m sq As above£90.00
Over 30 m sqAs above£85.00
Over 50 m sqAs aboveFree delivery
Over 100 m sqAs abovePlease enquire


While our self-build fencing is very simple to install, if you are looking for some help, please see our installers page with a map of trades who have experience installing our products.
If there is no one in your area, please get in touch with us as we may know someone.


Call us on 01485 524251 (office hours 8.00am - 4.30pm)
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