A woven steel fence is an unknown concept to most. Around our base on the Norfolk coast we have carried out hundreds of installations at homes and businesses.

We initially developed the idea around eight years ago for a client looking for a non combustible screen for their oil tank to replace a rotten woven willow fence. From that moment their popularity grew and so did enquiries from people visiting Norfolk, which led us to develop woven steel fencing for simple home installation for those outside of the county. This comes in two forms - woven steel panels and self build fencing kits which are perfect for anyone to weave the their own woven steel fence from the ground up.


We have two self fit options with delivery throughout the UK or we can install your fence if you live in the local area.


If you are based within 60 miles of us at (PE31 8NB)




These are quite different means of achieving the a similar look. The woven steel panels are a familiar post and panel system erected in the same way as a traditional fence. The panels are available in Corten steel or galvanised steel.

The self build fence provides you with all the steel fixings and instructions to allow you to build your own woven steel fence from scratch, in much the same way as we do but without the need to weld. In essence posts are knocked into the ground at 60cm intervals and the steel woven around them. There is a lot of flexibility to create different shapes, angles, curves and heights with this system.

A self build kit requires a bit more time on installing than the panels as it’s not a familiar process (we estimate around 25%). However it is a surprisingly simple and forgiving fencing system with significant savings.
Corten steel fencing for gardens
rusted woven steel fencing for gardens

Comparison Table

Comparison table showing the two self build options
Woven Steel PanelsSelf Build Kit
A simple to erect fencing system suitable for both domestic and professional installation Also simple to erect and suitable for both domestic and professional installation
Delivered as fully made panels and specially made posts with all fixings attached We supply the loose materials, posts are cut to length and modifications made to the posts and slats in order to make installation simple and require just basic tools
Approx cost per square meter ex vat = £118.00 Based on a 15m long / 1.5m high Corten steel fence including posts and delivery (22.5m sq) Approx cost per square meter ex vat = £75.00 Based on a 15m long / 1.5m high mild steel fence including delivery (22.5m sq)
Like a standard panel fence you are limited to straight lines or angles Create curves with ease
Available as galvanised (antique, weathered grey colour) or Corten (will weather to brown) Typically available as mild steel (will weather to brown) mild steel lends itself better to this system and is the same we used in the fences we install (see our portfolio). We are also happy to quote for Corten and stainless steel.
Available in any height from 30cm to 3 metres although 3,4,5 and 6ft heights are standard Available in any height from 10cm to 3 metres
Can be used for fencing, screens with wall top fixings available Can be used for fences, screens with optional wall top and side fixings, also for raised beds, soil terracing and planters.



We were inspired by the first willow fence we replaced and there is appeal in the irony of an industrial material taking on such a fluid organic appearance. Exposed to the elements, your fence will soon weather to produce the trademark brown tones which bring a maturity to the landscape and provide an ideal backdrop to any scheme.


Being made completely of steel ensures a lifespan well in excess of 25 years and we stand by that with our 25 year guarantee.

Good value

Surprisingly a woven steel fence is around the same price as woven Willow. While the steel cost makes it a more expensive alternative to a standard timber fence, over the course of its lifetime a timber fence would need replacing a number of times.

Zero maintenance

Just let your fence weather naturally. We advise against any coating which adds a maintenance element. Ours is one of the only fences which gets better with age.

Wind resistance

The weave allows some wind to filter through the fence while still providing privacy. Allowing air to pass through reduces the turbulence created by a solid barrier resulting in more effective protection.

Support for climbers

An incidental advantage of a woven steel fence. Climbers are able to work their way through the weave without the addition of unsightly wires or trellis and being made of steel this will not cause any damage to the fence.


As steel is strong, flexible and resistant to rotting, there is an almost endless list of applications for woven steel fencing from curved boundary fences to formal raised beds and free standing screens.


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