Looking for metal  lawn edging? Perfect – the most common application for our metal edging is to retain lawns. There are few things in the garden more satisfying than a newly trimmed lawn with a beautifully crisp edge. A steel lawn edge ensures the sides of your grass are perfectly and permanently defined.

Aside from the aesthetic  advantages of installing our metal lawn edging there are many practical benefits too.

Practical benefits of metal lawn edges

  • Protection from traffic our 3mm thick steel edging will provide protection from foot traffic and
    ride on lawn movers. For areas likely to be driven over we recommend our 6mm thick metal
    lawn edging for maximum protection, installed correctly stray cars and other large vehicles can
    ride onto the edge without causing any damage. With no grass edging in place this would
    usually flatten the unprotected lawn edge.
steel lawn edging
  • Keep lawns clear of gravel, mulch and debris. A steel edged lawn will help to prevent the movement of materials adjoining you lawn and visa versa.
  • Prevent migration of grass into driveways and borders, many grass species travel via underground rhizomes or runners and can easily grow into driveways, patios and borders. A
    steel lawn edge will stop it in its tracks, reducing maintenance and improving the definition of lawns and adjoining materials.
  • Retain the shape of your lawn. Over the years wear and erosion, worm activity and maintenance change the shape of un edged lawns. Where straight lines are desired this is especially noticeable. A steel edge to your grass will stop this instantly and permanently.
  • Reduced maintenance with a steel edge in place there is no need to recut your lawn edge, so there is less pulling grass from your paths, driveway and borders and less edge trimming too.
  • Improve your lawn level, a steel lawn edge will follow the lay of the land but any small rises or dips are highlighted by the straight top of a steel edge, if installing lawn edging in a new garden use the top of the edge as a level guide by simply running the back of a rake over it pulling excess soil off and into the lows. On an existing lawn the same can be done with good loose top soil and seed. Only a small amount of soil is usually needed but aesthetically this makes a big improvement to the overall appearance of you lawn.
  • Provide a framework to create new lawn areas. While most lawns are edged retrospectively in new schemes a steel edge provides installed in the early stages the perfect framework and
    retainer to divide lawn areas from other elements in the garden.
metal lawn edging
lawn edging after installation

As you can tell we are rather passionate about the benefits steel lawn edging can bring to your garden, we are always up for talking about your project, please call Dawn or Jimmy for advice or complete our quote form.

Our lawn edging range

We offer a range of sizes in 3mm and 6mm steel thickness, please see our self fit edging page or watch our short video for more information on the different sizes and their applications.
We can offer our range of sizes in the following materials.

Galvanised steel lawn edging

Occasionally we supply a galvanised steel edge for lawns, this is either due to a client with a preference for the silver grey finish or in commercial situations for increased longevity. A
galvanised lawn edge will last around twice the time as a bare steel edge. Galvanised edging does cost more than untreated steel and the lead time is 1 week longer than untreated edging, please get in touch for more information. 

Corten lawn edging

While mild steel is still the most widely used over the last 10 years Corten lawn edging has become increasingly popular. Corten will weather to brown faster than mild steel, typically
completed in a month. In terms of appearance once weathered Corten edging has a slightly lighter orange colour than mild steel due to the higher copper content, that said unless seen side by side only an expert would be able to tell the two apart. Corten steel garden edging will outlast mild steel edging due to its self sealing properties, it’s hard to quantify how much longer due to varying atmospheric conditions having a large influence on both metals longevity.

The slower degradation of Corten edging makes it suitable for areas where rust staining could be a problem such as edging over or adjoining lightly coloured paved surfaces.

The other difference between Corten steel edging and mild steel edging is the price, edging in Corten is 75% – 90% more expensive than mild steel.

In our opinion unless you need to reduce the chance of rust staining, or Corten lawn edging has been specified by a designer or architect, then mild steel edging is the way to go.

Which ever type of our metal lawn edging you go for our unique staking and joining is the same.

With all fixings on one side you have a perfectly clear unbroken steel face on the seen side.

Installation is straight forward (please see our installation guide) with delivery thought the UK and what more, you get to deal with us !


metal lawn edging


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