How long does it take to install a woven metal fence?

We are asked this a lot and there are a few variables as you may expect such as the addition of a stepped top or bottom or angle. However to commit to an answer, a simple woven metal fence 10 metres long / 1.5 metres high could be completed in a day with two people. If you’re really taking your time (lots of tea breaks or trying to get the posts through concrete) it could take two people a day and a half. This is a realistic estimate as we would hope to do a fence twice this size in a day with two people, but obviously we have the benefit of experience.

How long are the fence posts?

We will supply the posts 60cm longer than the fence height. If the fence is raised above the ground, sitting on top of a wall for example, please let us know.

Why mild steel and not Corten for the self build fence?

Mild steel will look the same as Corten once rusted – you just need to wait longer for this to happen, typically around 6 months. All of the images of fencing in our portfolio which are not the panels are mild steel although many people assume its Corten. Corten will outlast mild steel but that said mild steel is an excellent fencing material, with a very long life (well in excess of 25 years) outlasting a timber fence many times over. Something most people are not aware of is that Corten is only produced in sheets, this requires the fencing strips to be cut from these adding to the cost, making corten fence around 50% more expensive and the posts are still mild steel as they cannot be made from sheet steel. Therefore in our opinion mild steel is a more suitable material for a self build fence. That said we can offer Corten but also stainless and aluminium fencing kits for even more contemporary look. Please enquire.

How long will the self build fence last?

Well in excess of 25 years.

Why are some of the fences a metallic colour and not rusted?

This is simply because the photo was taken soon after installation before the weathering process was complete. All fences will the develop the trademark soft browns, unless you have chosen an Aluminium or stainless steel fence kit!

Do I need to weld anything to install a woven metal fence?

No welding is needed.

Do I need to concrete the posts in?

Typically no. If the ground is unstable then it’s a good idea or if the fence is curved it’s wise to cement the end posts in so they are not forced back by the pressure of the steel.

How do I calculate how much steel I need?

We will do that for you. Just let us know the length and height of the fence you require.

Can we cut the steel to length?

Yes. There is a charge for this (please enquire). Typically this is done where there are short runs such as screens or raised beds.

Can you supply gates in the same style?

Yes we can, we’d love to. You can find woven metal gates here.

Can I secure a woven steel fence on top of a wall?

Yes, we can fabricate posts with base or side plates for wall mounting posts on top of a wall. Or if your wall fixing is not possible we can supply extra long posts to create a stilted fence.

How do you create a raised bed from woven steel?

It’s the same system as for erecting a fence with two exceptions. Firstly for woven steel fences over 50cm tall when used to retain soil we recommend concreting the posts in for additional stability. Secondly we recommend lining the back of the bed with landscape fabric (we can supply this) to prevent soil migrating through.

How long from order to delivery?

3 to 4 weeks. If your order is urgent please let us know we can often accommodate an express delivery.

How do you deliver my order?

For the majority of orders, we use self-employed couriers. While this results in us subsidising a portion of most deliveries this allows us to avoid load restrictions imposed by larger firms enabling us to supply longer lengths for easier customer installation. We have also found this a more reliable means of delivery and at the same time supports small businesses. As a result, your edging will be off loaded by hand so please advise if you intend to move the edge via mechanical means and we will set your delivery onto bearers.

Metal lawn edging available throughout the Uk

To enquire or order – we will always prepare you a personalised quote on the same day during working hours. Just call, email or even text us with the fence length and height or fill in the same day quote form.