The most common application for woven steel fencing is for boundaries.

Woven steel fences for boundaries

More often than not we supply or install woven steel fencing to replace an existing fence, typically a timber fence which has decayed, understandably our clients do not wish to replace their old fence with another one they will need to replace in 10 years or so. A woven steel fence will be looking good for well in excess of 25 years, depending on conditions even around 50 years.

This makes a woven steel fence a good investment in comparison to timber despite the slightly higher initial cost. Please see the price list.

So beyond longevity why else would you choose a woven steel fence boundary fence?

woven steel boundary fence and gate


The number one reason from our experience is aesthetics. For such a rigid material to flow like ribbons evokes a lot of interest. The horizontal steel slats enhance the feeling of space and lead your eye on a journey around your garden. Woven steel fences have a wow factor, they are unknown concept to most people and as such evoke a lot of interest. They are the same on both sides you and your neighbours we receive the full benefit of its aesthetics, so share the love and go for a Steelscapes woven steel fence !


We have never known a woven steel fence being adversely affected by the elements
and being based on the coast they exists in some pretty inhospitable locations. The photo shows our woven steel fence set against the edge of the marsh taking full force of the northerly winds and on high tides the posts will be sitting in sea water !

The main reasons for their durability is their all steel (or aluminium) construction, they are inherently very strong and won’t rot. Most standard timber fences have a post every 1.8m, with a woven steel fence posts form the weave and are knocked in every 60cm (concrete is not usually needed), that’s a lot of post below ground. Steel weave fences also filter the wind rather than block it, this adds to their ability to tolerate extreme wind events.

woven steel boundary fences near marsh

Zero Maintenance.

We don’t recommend painting your woven steel or aluminium fence as this adds an ongoing maintenance element. There is something “honest” about letting steel weather naturally and not constantly battling the process, it’s a highly fashionable look too.

The woven aluminium fence will loose its shine, again we recommend let nature take its course.

woven steel fences for privacy


Stand back and look at a woven steel fence and it appears to be a solid screen, it’s only
when you are closer can you see the gaps in the weave, you can’t make out what’s on the other side so privacy is maintained however the gaps allow light to pass through and alleviate the feeling of being hemmed in like a solid structure.

Wind protection.

The weave allows wind to pass through the fence while significantly slowing it down. This reduces the swirling turbulence created by a solid screen making a woven steel fence more effective at providing wind protection than a standard panel or close board fence.


With the ability to curve, create angles, stepped top or bases and heigh increments of just 5cm, a woven steel fence really should be able to follow any boundary line. See our portfolio for woven steel fence inspiration.


Our self build woven steel fencing starts at £98.00 per square metre down to £85.00 per square metre. This is more than most standard closed board or panel timber fences however a woven steel fence will out last a timber fence around 3 or 4 times over, so in the long run a woven steel fence is far more cost effective.

Woven steel fences for boundaries options – three fence systems

    1. We can install your woven steel fence if you are based within 50 miles of us (PE31 8NB). We offer this in mild steel which will weather to brown.
    2. The self build woven steel fence kit provides all the materials and means to build your own woven steel fence from the ground up, this is the most versatile and cost effective option. We
      offer this in mild steel, aluminium and Corten steel.
    3. Woven steel fencing panels. These are offered as Corten steel and galvanised mild steel with specially made mild steel posts. It’s a standard panel and post installation just all in steel.


Installation of the self build options is straightforward, instructions and all fixings are included. A degree of physical strength is required to knock or dig the posts in but beyond that no professional skills are required.

We are at the end of the phone to offer installation advice during working hours (8.00-4.30 Monday – Friday)

Our general woven steel fencing page has more information on the options available.

Or you can call or email us or complete our quote form for a same working day response on any queries.

When the largest feature in most gardens is a boundary don’t settle for boring, be bold and make a statement with a woven steel fence.


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