With the use of brackets woven steel fencing can be fixed to walls to increase their height. This may be required to provide additional privacy, wind protection, screening or simply as an
ornamental feature. Woven steel can be added retrospectively to an existing wall which is most common or installed during construction.

Even standard fences can be added to, although they typically can’t take the weight of a woven steel fence, the woven steel can be set on long posts set into the ground so the fence remains untouched. In this example we extended the height of an existing willow fence using this method without damaging the delicate willow wicker.

woven steel wall top fencing

Wall fixing methods

Wall top brackets are the most common solution. They are ideal on flat top walls.

The brackets come with two holes to attach them to the wall with expanding bolts or by gluing threaded bar into the wall. Expanding bolts work in a similar way to rawl plugs and are fine if the wall is sound and the holes are not located near the edge of the brickwork due to the risk of it being forced apart. These are probably the most  Familiar method.

That said we favour anchor resin, this is typically a two part polyester resin which is mixed automatically in the nozzle. The key to this is to clean the drilled holes well so the resin bonds to the masonry and not the dust caused by drilling. It’s quick to dry (approx. 15 mins in normal conditions) extremely strong and doesn’t exert any force on the sides of the hole so the masonry is unlikely to blow. Once the holes have  been pumped with the resin simply push in the threaded bar, once dry nuts secure the bracket into position.

Another advantage of this system is the option to increase the length of the threaded bar, if possible to extend into two courses down. The expanding bolts are only long enough to
attach to the top course which is fine if the wall is sound and the woven fence is less than 60cm high (depending on wind exposure)

wall top woven fencing posts

The posts are secured into the brackets using a grub screw tightened with an Allen key.

If your opting for a wall top fence please let us know so we can include brackets on your quote and provide posts the same length as your fence height.

Wall side Brackets are ideal if you do not have a flat top wall or your looking for a more secure fixing as it’s possibly to use two brackets per post.

wall brackets for woven steel fencing toppers

The wall side brackets are attached to the wall in the same way as the wall top brackets and grip the posts with grub screws allowing you to slide the posts up or down to adjust the fence height.

Please get in touch if your looking for wall side brackets and advise how long you would the posts to extend down the side of the wall (we recommend at least 600mm).

Extended posts to increase the height of a wall or fence without any fixings. 

If your concerned about attaching your woven steel fence to a wall you can simply request longer posts for ground fixing as normal, creating in effect a woven metal fence on stilts. Bear in mind there will be some flex in the posts when doing this and we advise against building a fence over 2.2 meters tall. It is possible to have the occasional wall side brackets just to take any “whip” out of the fence.

woven steel fencing attached to side of wall

This system is ideal for fences too as they are typically not strong enough to take the weight of a fence.

Please see our wall fixing blog for more detail on the use of expanding bolts and resin anchor systems.

Securing posts directly into ︎︎ wall

Securing posts directly into the wall is a more recent technique, while we have done this a number of times it’s not something we have broadcast much for our self fit customers as we wanted to test it ourselves first, but it works a treat! In order to do this we supply smaller posts, made from 20mm diameter solid round bar, this is done to allow you to drill a hole in the wall large enough for the post without specialist drill bits or drills. A 23mm diameter drill bit is ideal.

This method can be used for flat or round topped walls as there are no brackets with flat bases to worry about.

The posts are glued into the wall in the same way as the threaded bar.

adding woven steel fencing as a topper
posts glued to support woven steel fencing toppers
woven steel fencing finished as a topper

This method is neat and simple as there are no brackets. Let us know if you go for this system and we can advise and supply posts around 20cm longer than the fence height for securing into the wall.

Which ever wall fixing attachment system please ensure your wall is up to taking the additional weight and wind resistance, if in any doubt please consult a structural expert and tailor the fence size and fixing method to well within the limitations of what it’s being attached to.


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