When it comes to woven steel screens, our products really come into their own.

Unlike most fences, woven steel screening is a feature in itself and looks just as fitting a single freestanding panel, as it does a continuous boundary fence.

Our woven steel Corten panels are a quick and simple screening solution and ideal for runs within our standard panel sizes. Where a more bespoke screen size or curve is required our woven steel fencing self build kits are ideal and while they take a little more time to install this does present cost savings too.

Why choose a woven steel screen?

Our self build fencing kits allow you to create a screen of any size and shape. Make a feature with a sloping top or curve don’t feel limited to a simple square or rectangle.
Your screen will be looking good for well over 25 years so while it may be a little more expensive than a timber alternative initially over the course of its lifetime a woven steel fence is a wise investment.

Woven steel screens for the following uses and more…

Oil tanks are the most common object our clients want to conceal. Despite usually being green they are still not pretty!

Our woven steel fences can curve around oil tanks or we can supply right angle posts for simple boxing in.

There are some legalities surrounding screens around oil tanks, they should be positioned at least 760mm away from non fire rated boundaries (timber) 600mm away from non fire rated screening and 1.8m away from non fire rated buildings (sheds).

While we find many of our clients existing structures don’t conform you will be please to know being non combustible a woven steel screen can be positioned as little as 300mm away from oil tanks.

Remember to leave access for your oil tank supplier to fill your tank and so you can read the level meter and maintain the outlet valves.

Take care not to knock your posts through the oil line. They are often laid without any ducting which makes them particularly vulnerable. To locate your line either you could carefully dig down and follow it at the point it enters the ground from the tank. If that cannot be done look at where the line enters the house (usually next to the boiler) and take an educated guess at its run and carefully dig down to locate it. If your not sure don’t take a chance you will have to carefully dig a hole for the posts rather knock them in blind.

woven steel screens to hide oil tanks
woven steel screen to hide air source heat pumps

Air source heat pumps are becoming more popular, while smaller than most oil tanks they are typically positioned next to the house to avoid heat loss and as such are often on display. A woven steel fence is a great solution. It is important that your screen doesn’t adversely affect your heat pumps efficiency please seek the manufactures advice on the distance your screen should be from the pump. Like oil tanks also leave access for servicing.

Bins, we all have them, with regular access required bin screens tend to have one or two panels to cover them while leaving a gap which can simply be walked through. With unlimited size options available with our woven steel fence kits you can achieve a tailored solution which works for you.

woven steel screen for bins
woven steel screens for hot tubs

Hot tubs, depending on your hot tub bathing habits it may be pertinent to add a screen for the benefit of you or onlookers ! A woven steel screen will also reduce also the wind keeping you warmer for longer. Here a woven steel screen has been used to screen a hot tub set under a pergola.

Just to look good
You may have nothing to hide, don’t worry there is still room for a woven steel screen in your garden. Break up a boring fence or just add interest into a planting scheme or lawn. Frame a vista or break the view through to the rest of your garden to make the journey through it one of discovery.

woven steel screens for gardens
woven steel gates

Add a gate to increase your screening options while still providing access. We can supply woven
steel gates to your bespoke height and width. Woven steel gates blend almost seamlessly with the fences
and come with hinges, posts and all ironwork attached to make installation as simple as possible.
Gates are most commonly supplied with fuel tank enclosures to enable a complete enclosure while allowing
access. Please see our woven steel gates page for more information.

What ever your screening needs please get in touch, just let us know the dimensions and we will provide a bespoke quote. You can do this via email, phone or the enquiry form.

woven steel screens in your garden


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