Creating raised beds in woven steel

Creating raised beds using self build fencing kits is just the same process as building a fence. To order simply let us know the bed height and length for a personalised quote. We can deliver your woven steel raised bed kit to anywhere in the UK.

Why create a raised bed in woven steel?

A woven steel raised bed will outlast timber constructions times over and despite this, from our experience a woven steel raised bed is comparable in cost to railway sleepers, with the added advantage of being able to create almost any shape to include tight curves simply not achievable with timber. 

Other options are hard landscaping materials such as brick or block work typically cost more than woven steel and again cannot form such tight curves.

Another advantage of woven steel raised beds often overlooked is space saving, sleepers and walls tend to be at least 100mm thick double that with the two sides, a woven steel fence is less than 50mm thick at the widest point, in small gardens this is a tangible advantage.

Aside for the above most people choose to build a woven steel raised bed as they look so good with the advantages above just being a bonus !

woven steel raised beds for garden

What sort of raised beds can you create with woven steel?

It’s probably easier to say what can’t you create. Your raised bed needs to be at least 15cm high to allow for three slats to create a weave. We don’t recommend going over 1.5 meters tall and we can advise on bracing for beds over 1 meter tall. The last stipulation is that the insides of the beds need to lined to prevent soil migrating through the weave.

Beyond that the only limiting factor is you imagination. Curves, straights and angles can be achieved, the top of the bed can be stepped to change heights and the bottom to cater for sloping sites. This opens up a host of possibilities from raised tree rings, beds with higher backs to provide a backdrop for the planting in front, create intricate designs, roundabouts or use a sloping site to create a series of raised beds.

raised bed woven steel
raised beds made from woven steel
raised gardens beds made from woven steel

We install woven steel raised beds as well as supply so please get in touch for any advice on your raised bed queries.

Which of our woven steel options are best for creating raised woven steel beds ?

We can install your raised beds if your based within 50 miles of us, failing that our self build woven steel fence kits are the way forward. While we offer premade woven steel panels being at set heights and widths these typically don’t have the versatility required for a bespoke raised bed. 

With each self build kit you will receive posts cut to length (allowing for 60cm below ground) the weaving slats and fixings. We work with what you need based on your design.
Our self build kits are available in mild steel, we can also offer Corten steel. We are often asked about the difference between Corten and mild steel if you wondering too you can read a short blogs on the subject of Corten vs Mild steel. The two steels look almost identical once weathered and due to the increased cost we generally only recommend Corten if trying to match existing Corten steel on site or if you’re concerned about rust staining on light colour paving.

raised planters in woven steel

How to create raised beds in woven steel

As mentioned raised beds are built in just the same way as a standard woven steel fence, you can read more information on that here (take to how build a woven steel fence on self build woven steel fence page).

Like any garden construction preparation is key, mark out your bed design first and if your creating paths between your beds ensure you leave enough space between them, we recommend at least an 80cm width to allow a wheelbarrow comfortably pass through. 

Ensure the ground at the bottom of the raised bed is free draining, break up any hard soil if possible.

Once constructed your woven steel raised bed will need to be lined to stop soil working its way through.

We recommend a woven geotextile fabric, preferably in brown or black as from some angles the liner can be seen through the weave. Cut it taller than need be then fold it over at the top so the cut end is below the soil line on the inside of the bed, this prevents a cut end from fraying. Keep the liner level by working to a slat and preferable set it just above the desired soil line to ensure it is well contained. We use small cable ties or thin wire to attach the liner to the fence posts.

There is no maintenance required with a woven steel raised beds, just let it weather naturally, this process takes 9 to 12 months.

As always we are on hand with any installation advice call Dawn in the office or drop us an email.

woven steel raised bed ideas


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