Installation is straight forward being the same as a standard post and panel fence (see our installation video down the page) All fencing panels are 1.5 metres wide and available in 4 standard heights (0.9m 1.2m, 1.5m and 1.8m). However we can create panels to any height from 30cm to 3 metres! Get in touch for pricing or advice on bespoke sizes. Posts are 60cm longer than the panels for cementing into ground (unless requested otherwise). We can also provide posts with base plates for securing onto hard surfaces. The panels can be fixed in the post at any height which is useful when creating stepped fences. We can also supply a cut panel kit for instances where the panels need cutting to reduce their width.

Every part is made from steel. We have developed the posts in conjunction with the panels. Internal post fixings tightly grip the panels with a turn of a spanner. You can relax in the knowledge that your woven steel fencing is guaranteed for 25 maintenance-free years.

The fluidity of the woven steel never fails to intrigue and provides a pleasing rhythm to lead ones eye around the landscape. The weave is tight enough to provide privacy but allowing some air flow reduces the turbulence created by solid barriers.

Our woven steel fencing is as much a piece of architecture as a functional fence.