Woven steel fencing explained

Woven steel fencing explained

In the beginning

We developed woven steel fencing around 10 years ago.

A client we were installing metal garden edging for asked if we could replace a curved willow fence around an oil tank with something longer-lasting.

It seemed sensible to try and replicate the willow as the client liked the aesthetics of it, so we set to work experimenting with lengths of steel flat bar to weave and various tubes and box sections as the posts. The aim was to achieve a steel weave fence to look similar to willow or hazel fences, which could be erected in a curve and remain cost-effective.

The posts needed to be large enough to provide support for a fence at least 2 metres tall, and the slats needed to be wide enough to look in proportion to the posts, but not so wide as to look too industrial, or too far from the detail provided by a willow or hazel fence, and be malleable enough to be woven around the posts by hand.
Once we were happy with the chosen steel sections we worked out a costing, which surprised both us and our client coming in around the same as the original willow fence.

We got the job and set to work. I think we learnt more on our first woven steel fencing installation than the rest we have done to date!

Although we assumed this was likely to be a one-off, this was the fence which started it all off. Fortunately for us, it was on display from the road and we began receiving interest, in erecting more woven steel fences locally and in turn some of these generated more new commissions.

Today our metal woven slatted fences are a common sight along the Norfolk coast and across the UK.

Woven Steel Panel Fencing

What is a woven steel fence?

In essence, it’s a series of round steel poles knocked into the ground and steel slats woven around them. The poles create the weave and secure the fence in place. It is based on the traditional willow and hazel fencing system and although very different in material the principles behind its installation and strength are the same.

Woven steel fencing explained by Steelscapes

Why choose a woven steel fence?

They look fantastic

To see steel slats weaving around steel posts in such a fluid motion never fails to generate intrigue, onlookers often mistake the steel slats for timber.

The horizontal ribbons of steel lead your eye around the garden and create a pleasing contrast to the verticals of plants and trees. The steel weave provides great support for climbers too.

The weathered, organic brown tones of both Corten and mild steel provide a sense of maturity and a perfect neutral colour foil for any scheme. Or go all-out contemporary with our silver galvanised fence panels!

For more images of woven steel, fencing check out our portfolio


Being made completely of steel, our woven metal fence panels and continuous steel weave fencing will last at least 25 years and most likely many more. As you would expect they are extremely strong. Clients have chosen our fences where others would not survive regardless of the other advantages.

The best example is a 65-metre run, 2 metres high installed along the marsh adjoining the coastal path here in Norfolk. This fence takes the full force of the strongest salt-laden northerly winds in the winter and on high tides its feet are at sea level but it’s standing firm and looking as good as ever.

So versatile

Create a fence 15cm tall up to 2.2 metres high. Create beautiful curves, right angles and straight runs. Make raised beds and terracing up to 1 metre high. For sloping sites, you can step to the top, or the bottom or simply follow the lie of the land. Create a woven steel feature, and a screen and even attach your fence to a wall with our wall brackets.

Just tell us what you’re looking to create and with our self build woven steel fence kits you can build it from the ground (or wall!) up.

Slow, don’t stop the wind

The steel weave allows some air to pass through dramatically slowing the wind-down, it’s may sound counter-intuitive but this is better than a solid barrier which causes more turbulence behind.

We can supply a gate to match

In just the same style and steel as your fence to provide a cohesive look and almost unbroken line in the fence. We even make the handles and latches by hand to ensure they fit the “look” and weather to the same colour.

They do not require any maintenance

Not much more to be said about that!

Good value

A woven steel fence will outlast timber fence options times over, and at around the same price as continuous willow or hazel fencing, it just makes sense.
Versatile Woven Steel Fencing

What are the woven steel fencing options?

1/ The self-build fencing kit.

This is the most cost-effective and versatile option giving you all the freedom to create curves, steps, tall fences, low retaining walls and so much more. We provide you with the posts, slats and fixings to build your own continuous steel weave fence from the ground up.

Installation is straightforward and in essence, it’s a 3 stage process, knocking the posts in, weaving the slats and then securing everything together. It is possible to build the whole fence and secure it at the end. This makes it a forgiving process as it allows you to make any changes before committing.

To see our installation guide press here

For more information and pricing please see our self build fencing page

2/ Woven Corten and galvanised metal fence panels

We offer metal fence panels in woven Corten steel and a galvanised mild steel option for a highly contemporary look. To install these panels we have developed our steel posts to produce a post and panel system which is installed in the same manner as any post and panel fence but with a look like no other.

For more information check out the woven steel panel page

3/ Installed by us

If your fence is within 45 miles from us in Docking (PE31 8NB) we can price to install your fence. If you’re outside our coverage, bear in mind anyone with average DIY skills can install our fencing or we are happy to recommend an installer.

To know more about our installing see the woven steel fencing installed by us

Our Woven Steel Fencing History

Why buy from us?

Having developed the woven steel fencing system we couldn’t be better placed to provide advice. We are a small company big on customer service, we understand this is uncharted fencing territory for most and are keen to engage with current and potential customers to ensure their woven steel fencing experience is an enjoyable one.

Steelscapes Woven Steel Fencing

What’s next?

Well, we don’t like to give away too much at this early stage but we are developing a highly contemporary, silver metal self-build fence option. For more information please get in touch, we will update the website in the coming weeks.

Woven Steel Fencing Options

If you're interested in woven steel fencing

You can call, email or fill in our same-day quote form for pricing and as much help and advice as you need.

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