Where would you install a woven steel fence?

Where would you install a woven steel fence?

To answer that simply... Anywhere you would use a standard fence and so much more.
So where else?

Raised beds

Due to being rot-proof and extremely strong woven steel fencing lends itself perfectly to raised beds and planters up to 1 metre tall. Erected in the same way as standard woven steel fencing but simply line the inside with landscape fabric to prevent soil from migrating through the weave.

The flowing steel is the perfect companion to plants which will flow over the edge of the bed such as Prostrate Rosemary, Aubrietas or Capanulas or mirror the weathered steel tones with the bronze Carex testacea. Knowing the steel will last in excess of 25 years makes a woven steel raised bed a practical choice too.

Raised Bed Woven Steel Fence

A decorative feature

Woven steel fencing is a feature in its own right. The warm brown tones are a perfect companion to the living elements of your scheme, the weave can provide support for climbers or wall shrubs. With the flexibility to form almost any shape allows you to get creative.

Contemporary Feature Woven Steel Fence


Sieze the opportunity and turn a difficult sloping site to your advantage with woven steel terracing. Build retaining walls from 5cm high up to 1 metre and everything in between. With enough planting opportunities between the weave even to create a green wall if desired.

Terracing Woven Steel Fence

Bin stores, air-source heat pump, oil and gas tank screening

Being non-combustible woven steel fencing is ideal for screening gas and oil tanks. The ability to build a fence to any size and height (up to 2.2 metres) allows you to build a screen to fit exactly without taking up additional space.

Oil Tank Screen Woven Steel Fence

Add screening to a wall or fence

We can provide all the fixings you need to secure a woven steel fence to the top of a wall or add provide extra long posts to create a stilted fence above an existing feature for additional screening.

Wall Top Woven Steel Fence

Or simply a beautiful fence

Beautiful Woven Steel Fence

Available in Corten panels or choose our self-build kit for limitless opportunities

Just tell us what you want to create, and we will provide a dedicated quote for everything you need to build your woven steel creation. Installation is straightforward and rewarding.

If you’re interested in woven steel fencing speak to the people who created it, Steelscapes. Call us or see more of our website for more information and lots of woven steel fencing inspiration.

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