Some of the best bits of Steelscapes 2023

Take a look at some of our installations over the last year and some of the best bits of Steelscapes 2023. But not just our work see what some of our customers have been up to using our self build woven steel fencing and steel edging system.

It really is heart warming to see our products used in such creative ways, not just by landscape professionals but also people doing their own projects at home.

We share photos of our customers projects on our work what’s app group so the staff making and preparing orders get to see what happens to their work after it leaves Steelscapes HQ.

As always if your have an edging or fencing project you need our help with please get in touch.

A very tidy metal edging job by one of our self fit customers in his own front garden, some lovely planting too.
Our customers were more inventive than ever with our self build kits, this could be from a magazine!
2023 saw us start an exciting new pergola project more photos to follow.
2023 was a great year for lovely sunsets at Steelscapes HQ.
A lovely woven steel retainer by Williams Fencing in Bury St Edmunds using our self build kit.
A lovely little gate and double screen combo created by a client with an eye for detail using our self build kits.
A wall top fence completed.
A wall top fence in progress.
Boundary fences for new builds.
Grand job installing this self fit fencing by Williams Fencing in Bury St Edmunds, lovely touch at the end, nice and neat.
Great job by Lakeland Gardens in the Lake District, we supply edging cut to length and corners to any angle to make projects like this a breeze.
Great work by Dave Smith builders installing this double gate and screen combo. It’s only a short section but it looks lovely (we think).
Imaginative steps expertly executed by Scenery Garden Design in Scotland. Using our self fit steel edging. Looking forward to seeing this with established planting.
Just a lovely fence in a lovely setting by McCabe and Abel in Ipswich using our self build woven steel fence kit.
Lots of heat pump screens.
More bin screens in 2023.
More lovely curves or all angles and radii.
Nice crisp steel edged paths installed by one of our self fit customers in her garden, of course the metal edging was supplied by us.
Nice little tree ring too also by our self fit customer in her own garden using our kits.
Our chief welder looking to set sail for his summer holiday. (He was at work 5 minutes later!)
Our new offering. Estate fencing, traditional 5 rail in three self fit options.
Rodger Gladwell landscapes did a sterling job of a rather complex woven steel raised bed scheme using our self build woven steel fence kits.
A simple functional and effective use of our woven steel fence kit. Expertly installed by one of our home DIYers.
Some serious woven steel gates fabricated by us (of course) but installed perfectly by our customer.
Sometimes you don’t need flowers. Our woven steel fence kit compliments this cool planting scheme. Beautifully installed by McCabe & Abel in Ipswich
Summer saw the arrival of little Sophie the directors first and judging by how tired he looks probably the last!
The whole package, woven steel fence and gates. All installed by a local man with no experience he has achieved fantastic results using our woven fence kit.
Steelscapes metal garden edging in the USA
Our most memorable project in 2023 across the pond in the USA.
It was not all hard work in the USA!
Luckily they provided us with help weaving 330 metres of fence.
Woven Steel Fencing in the USA
They have bigger trucks over there...
...and bigger fences, here is some of the 330 metres run.
Very tidy woven steel fence on a very tidy site good work to our home DIYer in Warwickshire. Of course we supplied the materials!
We love this dry gravel scheme by Evergreen Gardens Devon. They have worked wonders with our self fit metal edging.
We love woven steel curves and this one especially, lovingly built by Gardens by Olivia in Berkshire.
Steelscapes pallets of orders ready to deliver
We sent out far more palletised orders for a 7 days turnaround in 2023 than in any other year.

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