This page is a recent addition and can be produced thanks largely to the creations of our customers using our self build woven steel fencing kits.

The woven steel fencing kits in both aluminium and mild steel offer unrivalled fencing versatility. 

Here are some of the best customer creations.

woven steel parterre

Woven steel parterre, a low level fence here is used to define the beds and pathways, on a practical level the steel will retain the planting which previously flopped over the path in the summer.

Even in the dormant season when perennials have been cut to ground level the otherwise featureless borders have a steel framework which accentuate the parterre layout.

Decorative fence top

The client here has decided to add interest by changing the levels of the top of the fence. This is easily done with the build your own fence kit. Typically a stepped fence top is done to achieve an intentional height change, but here it is purely decorative and fits the style of the rest of the scheme.

This is simple to achieve, just tell us the fence heights you wish to create and we will
work out the post lengths leaving 60cm below ground. Or you can decide on the day by knocking the posts in further or cutting them off. The weaving slats are also simple to cut to length with an angle grinder or hack saw.

woven steel as a decorative fence top

To place an order just let us know the woven steel fence size and number of sections via our quote form, email or over the phone, we will send you a personalised quote. Once the order has been paid for we will ship your complete fence kit to anywhere in the UK with instructions. If you would like instructions sent to you before hand to give you a clear picture of what’s involved just let us know.

woven steel fencing with mixed size slats

Mixed size slats

While not something we advertise on request we can supply slats of mixed heights in order to create a more varied weave, this could be interpreted as a more  naturalistic looking fence more akin to a Willow or Hazel fence. Installation is the same as our stand set slat height. If this may be of interest please get in touch.

Go Contemporary

We offer galvanised woven steel panels which have contemporary look. With untreated mild steel posts which will turn a soft brown and create a strong visual contrast with the silver panels and a conceptual one too as the vertical posts are left to weather and rust while the horizontal weaving strips will remain an unweathered grey

galvanised woven steel panels
aluminium woven fencing

Go even more contemporary! 

We now offer aluminium woven fencing, for a very sleek, modern fence, probably not very fitting for the old Norfolk fisherman’s cottages we have on the coast here, but for a modern new build a woven aluminium fence will certainly enhance the contemporary theme. Constructed in the same way as a woven steel fence just a little lighter to handle.

Excited but totally overwhelmed by choice? 

Give us a call, we’ll chat it through and help you transform your garden.

Free standing screens

So simple but effective, free standing screens are a great way of hiding oil tanks and bins etc. but also really effective as features in their own right, used to add interest into planting schemes, break up boring fence lines or a staggered screen you can walk through to create a journey through the garden or divide your space into different rooms.

To order just let us know the size and number of screens you require, we will supply additional end posts (extra charge for these please enquire).

Using our self build kit you simply cut the slats to the width of screen you desire, knock the posts in and weave away. The steel slats are secured to the posts with self drilling screws. Or we can supply the slats pre cut to a custom length for an additional charge.

free standing screens made from woven steel
woven steel fencing with uplights


A simple addition but an affective one, uplights really show off the weave at night and down lights cast some lovely flowing shadows. If you already have lighting in the garden consider extending it to include your fence so it can be appreciated day and night

As a border edge

Not one we had considered until we had seen it but why not. Weathered steel is a great compliment to green foliage, from a practical level it hold floppy plants back and helps to create a visual and physical divide between borders and adjoining surfaces. Ideally at least three slats high is required to create a visual weave, this equates to 15cm in height.

woven steel fencing as a border edge
woven steel panels as a garden feature

As a feature in itself

Not many fencing systems are eligible to become a feature in their own right but their unique construction and ability to create almost any shape means an imaginative woven steel fence can become one.

The only limit is your imagination!

Due to the flexibility of steel, our unique self build woven steel fencing system and most of all the imagination of our customers imagination we had plenty of material to hand to create this page.

We are looking forward to keeping it updated with new ideas.


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