Preparation for garden edging installation

Metal garden edging is an attractive way to keep your landscaping neat and orderly. It is also an effective tool that can be used to add structure, definition, and depth to your garden beds. One of the most important aspects of installing metal garden edging is understanding how deep it needs to be buried in order to ensure it will last for many years.

How deep does metal garden edging need to be?

When installing metal garden edging for lawns, borders and light pedestrian paths you should aim to bury around a third of the edge in the ground, this provides additional support and prevents soil from moving under the edge.

On driveways and paths which will be driven over with riding tractors ideally half of the edge will be set into the ground. This provides additional stability to the stakes and also helps resist downward force on the edge.

Preparing for installation

Before beginning the installation of your metal garden edging, make sure that you have all the necessary tools on hand, typically a lump hammer, spade, pick axe (if digging into a driveway edge) also a string line for straight runs.

Where possible we recommend getting the ground as flat as possible, this ensures much of the bottom of the edge is supported which prevents the edge from twisting. On grass border edges we recommend cutting a clean vertical face so the edge for the edge to fit flush against.

The beauty of a steel edge is that if it’s not quite right you have lots of opportunities to put right any imperfections.

We provide full installation instructions with each order.

Want to know more?

We have plenty of additional information about steel lawn edging here on our website, the options available to you, pricing and a helpful guide for self installation.