Why metal garden edging is the best choice

Are you looking for beautiful and crisp edges to your lawn, border, path or driveway? If so, metal garden edging is the way to go! Metal garden and lawn edging offers a number of advantages over timber or concrete edging, including ease of installation, aesthetic appeal and cost-effectiveness. Let’s take a closer look at why metal garden edging should be your top choice.

Metal garden edging is easy to install

One of the benefits of metal garden edging is its easy installation. Unlike timber which is hard to bend and timber pegs which cannot be hammered into solid ground, steel is flexible – it forms beautiful flowing curves. The steel angle iron stakes are easily knocked into most ground types, you can even use a sledgehammer.

Concrete kerb edging requires more digging out to set them into place, and concrete is also needed to secure them. The concrete haunch causes the grass next to it to dry and leaves a yellow/brown border of grass running along the edge in summer. Both timber and concrete edging is more labour-intensive to install.

Aesthetic advantages of metal garden edging

Metal garden edging also looks great! It’s unobtrusive, and traditional and just gets better with time as the steel weathers to a natural brown. Whether you opt for Corten edging or mild steel both weather to a lovely warm brown weathered look. This versatility means you can create whatever look you desire—from contemporary chic to traditional elegance—all with one simple product.

Cost effectiveness

Finally, metal garden edging is very cost-effective compared to other options on the market. We can deliver our two or three-metre lengths direct to your door with everything you need. Installation is quick and easy. You can cover a lot of ground quickly when installing and you only ever have to do it once. Timber will need replacing numerous times over a lifetime.

Why would you choose anything else?

Steelscapes has a great range of metal garden edging to suit you

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