Metal Edging for Driveways

Metal Edging from Steelscapes can be used for driveways to create a clean and defined edge. It can be particularly useful in situations where the driveway abuts a lawn, garden bed, or other type of landscaping.

Metal edging is typically made of steel or aluminium and comes in various shapes and sizes. It is often installed in a comparable way to steel lawn edging, by digging a trench along the edge of the driveway and then placing the edging into the ground, securing it with stakes or screws.

In addition to providing a clean and professional look to the driveway and surrounding landscaping, it can also help prevent gravel or other driveway material from spilling over onto the lawn or garden bed. It can also provide a barrier to prevent vehicles from accidentally driving onto the lawn or other areas.

How much will Metal Edging cost?

If you would like a no obligation quotation for our metal edging, please fill in our same day quote form, email or call 01485 524251.

We provide a personalised quote and encourage you to discuss your exact requirements with us so we can create the perfect edging or fencing for your garden or business.

Want to find out more?

Our website has useful advice on the options available for installing our edging products on your driveway, with details of pricing and examples of our edging in action across the UK.