What is best a single or double driveway gate?

Choosing between a single or double driveway gate

When considering what kind of driveway gate to choose, the two main options are single or double gates. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, depending on your needs and preferences. Here we will discuss what factors you should consider when making this decision.


The first factor to consider is aesthetics. A single gate can be more ornamental, while a double gate could be considered more functional looking. A single gate can look a bit more contemporary as it has no break, just a continuous run.


The second factor to consider is practicality. A single gate allows for one person or car to enter or exit the property at a time, while a double gate if wide enough could allow two cars or people in at once. This could be beneficial if you have multiple cars coming in and out of your property regularly.

Another thing to consider is the weight. A single entrance gate is going to weigh nearly twice of one of the pair. While we use good quality hinges the extra weight is something worth considering. Also, ensure you have enough space for a single driveway gate to open and remain in the open position.

Cost should also be taken into account when deciding between a single or double driveway gate. Generally speaking, single gates tend to cost less than double gates covering the same span. Additionally, the installation process can often be more expensive with double gates due to the extra gate to install.

Steelscapes has the answer

Whether you’re choosing a single or double driveway gate, Steelscapes can give you the information you need to make a well-informed choice and ensure that you will get maximum value from your investment in driveway gates for years to come!

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