Metal steps in a lawn

Steelscapes edging to create raised beds and planters

With our tallest steel edging at 300mm high it is often used to create raised beds, planters or on sloped sites to create terracing and steps. At 6mm thick, our edging can withstand the forces of soil behind without flexing.

There are a number advantage of using our steel edging over a timber which has traditionally been used to create raised beds and terracing.

Firstly longevity; our 6mm thick steel edging will last well in excess of 25 years even in damp ground. Secondly the ability to create almost any shape you can imagine. Steel forms naturally flowing curves or follow a string line to create formal straight lines or a combination of the two!

Thirdly simple installation; with each order you will receive all the fixings you require, simply bolt the edging together and secure into position with the stakes provided. On our 200m and 300mm edge the stakes are 50cm long!

Your edge can be cut with an angle grinder and if you need to re-attach the cut ends we can supply you with a joining kit.

Last but not least is aesthetics. Both our mild steel and Corten steel edging will age beautifully producing their trademark brown tones which brings an element of maturity to any scheme. There is also something very permanent and robust about using steel in the garden.

So whether you’re creating steps, raised beds, planters or terracing a sloped garden, a steel edge is a highly practical and affordable solution.

We can provide a same day quotation for any of our steel edging products. We will typically reply to you within an hour during office times. Click here to get a quote or call our team now on 01485 524251.

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