metal lawn driveway edging

Steelscapes metal edging for your lawn

There really is nothing better to create or maintain perfect lawn edges than Steelscapes metal edging. The steel will effortlessly form natural looking sweeping curves or straight formal lines.

With one face completely free of fixings ensures you have a clean uninterrupted steel face along the seen side.

For particularly tight curves with a radius of less than 2 metres we recommend our 3mm thick lawn edging and anything over that or for straight lines our 6mm thick edging is ideal.

Our metal edging can be installed into an existing garden scheme or during the creation stage. Installation is straightforward, requiring just a hammer and spanner.

We recommend setting the top of your steel lawn edge at soil level, allowing the grass layer to rise above it. This ensures the edging is well below mover blade height and also from an aesthetics point of view, it is really pleasing to see a flush, sliced face of lawn rising above the steel. When trimming your lawn edges with either sheers or a strimmer simply use the metal edging as a guide and your lawn edges will be perfect every time.

We can provide the following .. Mild steel, galvanised and Corten steel lawn edging from 75mm to 300mm high. Our prices include all stakes, fixings and as always excellent customer service.

So for maintenance free, permanent and stunning lawn edges get in touch !

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