Is metal garden edging flexible?

The short answer is yes!

But how flexible is it?

Well more flexible than most customers think. To quantify this our commercial 6mm thick steel edging for driveways and traffic areas is able to form a complete circle with a radius down to 2 metres. Our thinner gauge 3mm thick edge which is ideal for borders and paths can form a circle down to a 1 metre radius.

Although we are talking circles the curves can be translated into random curves or shapes. The photo below shows what is achievable with our 6mm thick edge both in Corten and mild steel. In reality there are not many landscape applications which require a tighter curve than this.

Is metal garden edging flexible?
Is metal garden edging flexible?

The circle above has a radius of around 1.5 metres, easily achievable with our 3mm thick edging. In addition it is possible to permanently bend the 3mm thick edge by hand to form a rounded 90 degree for example.

How to form the curves

We recommend connecting the edge together before forming the curves, it is much easier to join the pieces when flat on the ground rather than under the tension of a curve. The beauty of our joining system is being so secure that a number of sections of edge can be connected before installation to act as one long piece. Ours is the only joining system we know of that this is possible.

With the edge connected simply secure one end in position with the stakes provided and walk the edge round forming the curve and staking as you go. We advise not knocking the stakes down all the way so they can be pulled out and the edge adjusted if need be.

When you’re happy simply knock the stakes all the way home.

This is where steel really comes into its own, it will form beautifully flowing and smooth curves with minimal effort. There is not splitting and unsightly joins as you get with wooden edging and no need to make lots of short cut as with concrete edging.

Is metal garden edging flexible?

So whether you’re creating straight lines, curves or a mix of the two the edge will be sharp, last a lifetime and will look fantastic!