If you are within 50 miles of Norfolk we could install your edging (depending on the meterage). If you are outside our coverage area you can buy the same great edging for simple self installation. Please see our self fit steel lawn edging page.

Sparks fly when your metal edging is installed by us!

Six metre lengths of 6mm thick solid steel bar are cut welded and formed into position to provide a permanent and zero maintenance metal edging to borders, lawns, driveways and paths or, to create bespoke features such as raised beds and terracing.

Fabricating edging on site allows infinite flexibility to provide a truly bespoke edging solution either into an existing garden layout or during construction. We work with some of the country's leading designers and landscape architects to create a steel framework to their design and providing those carrying out the work a crisp, secure and level edge to work to.

We predominantly work with mild steel edging however we are able to offer Corten and stainless steel edging too. We are asked a lot about the difference between mild steel and Corten edging so we recently wrote a blog on the subject, you can view it here - Corten Edging or Mild Steel? You may also find our blog on What is Corten steel? of interest.

Depending on the metreage required, our metal edging installation service covers much of the South East to include Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and Essex, and for large installations as far as Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and South Lincolnshire. For large installations outside these areas please enquire or consider our supply only steel edging which is the same commercial grade in a self fit kit form.


Steel thickness is the most important factor in edge strength and longevity, the millimetres count. We are keen for potential clients to understand the commercial nature of our edge and are happy to post a short steel sample free of charge in order to gain an appreciation.
unrivalled strength in steel driveway edging
unrivalled thickness in steel edging
For all our metal edging installations, whether in a private garden or on a construction site, we always use a 6mm thick edge. Flexible enough to form flowing curves but strong enough to withstand being driven over and retain soil.

Our steel edge is held in position with 30mm angle iron stakes which are typically 45cm long. These are knocked through pre-welded sleeves set at at least every 85cm. They can be driven through the hardest ground and will withstand blows from a sledge hammer or if the going gets tough we get to use our pneumatic hammer!

Lengths are welded together to form a seamless join and reinforced with a 6mm thick plate welded across the back of the join, making them as strong as the edge itself. Corners are welded on the unseen side and reinforced with an angle iron bracket.

Lastly stakes are welded to the sleeves to prevent vertical movement.

There are no fixings on the seen face and stakes are set below the top of the edge to ensure they are well clear of mowers.


Applications for our metal landscape edging range from straightforward lawn edging to creating complex geometric shapes, edging roadways or building raised steel beds.

The five height options and our ability to fabricate on site enables us to provide edging solutions as diverse as our client’s requirements.
Metal flower border edging

Metal border and bed edging

Permanently define beds and borders with a solid steel edge leaving the garden with crisp edges every time you cut the lawn.
steel edging steps corten garden lawn edge

Steel steps

Metal edging to create steps and terraces. Make level changes a feature in your garden using our steel edging to create step rises.
resin bonded surface edging for driveways

Resin bonded surface edging

We work with numerous surfacing contractors installing our steel edging to retain and divide a range of surfaces and provide a level steel framework to work to.
Curved garden driveway metal edging

Driveway edging

Steel edging can be installed during construction of a new driveway or to revamp and safegaurd an existing driveway edge. The thin edge creates an unobtrusive and 'clean' divide between lawn and driveway.
Edging to retain hardcore

Metal path edging

Metal path edging is perfect for creating natural meandering curves.
Steel gravel to lawn edging

Metal lawn edging

Metal lawn edge is either set at lawn level for sharp edges where the steel is invisible or set proud to provide a raised lawn.


As a guide we recommend burying half of the edge in the ground when edging driveways and paths. For edging borders, we recommend burying a third of the edge in the ground.

If we are installing edging during the construction of our project, it is likely that our edge will be used to retain sub bases or create changes in levels. In those cases, higher edges are usually required. We are happy to advise or work to a specification.

To order, simply call us or fill in our same day quote form. Either way we will prepare a quote by hand for your approval.


75mm - Ideal for border edging and lawn edging where there is a visible upstand of 50mm or less.

100mm - Typically also used for edging beds, borders lawns and driveways where there is a visible upstand of 75mm or less.

150mm - Ideal for edging driveways, paths and retaining also for high border or lawn edging.

200mm - Driveways where a visible upstand of up to 150mm or raised beds, often specified on civil engineering and large landscape projects and public spaces.

300mm - Raised beds and steel edging in commercial or public spaces and civil engineering projects.

Steelscapes are always keen on new challenges so please get in touch any ideas you may have.

We recently set up a time-lapse video to show the installation of raised vegetable beds as shown below.


Steel edging techincal drawing


Price per metre installed. All 6mm thick.
Height (all 6mm thick)First 20 metres20 to 50 metres50 metres and over
100mm £29.00£27.00£25.00
200mm £40.50£38.50£36.50
Please note the prices are a guide and can vary slightly depending on the location, metreage required and complexity of the installation (curves and angles). The prices assume the site is ready for installation with no or limited clearing necessary.

Feel free to send us photos of the site or plans. Please contact us for a quote or complete our quote enquiry form.


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