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steel edging self fit in gardens


Through experience of installing many kilometres of our edging and 20 years working with landscape professionals, architects and civil engineers we have developed what we truly believe is the most superior edging system available.

We have considered every aspect of edging, looked at other options available, listened to our customers and made numerous improvements along the way to arrive at the system we offer today, a commercial grade edging designed for use in engineering and landscape applications but simple and flexible enough to be installed by anyone with just a hammer and spanner.

Our self fit metal edging comes in numerous height options in both 3mm and 6mm. Our 3mm thick edging is available in three heights, 75mm, 100mm and 150mm. Our 6mm thick edging is also available in these heights plus 200mm and 300mm which is most frequently used in raised beds, soil retaining and commercial landscaping.

As a general rule we recommend burying half of the edge in traffic areas such driveways and paths and a third when edging lawns and borders. When creating raised beds or terracing and need to make the most of the steel height we recommend setting the steel at least 3cm in the ground.

There is more information on which edge height to choose on our FAQs page, or please get in touch and we will be happy to help.

To place an order with us please get in touch or fill in the quote form. We will come back to you on the same day (Monday to Friday). We always prepare your quote by hand for approval prior to payment.

With each section of edge ordered you will receive:

The section of edge with stakes sleeves and bolts welded onto the unseen side

Fixings required to join onto the next section


This is everything you need to create straight lines or curves

We can also provide preformed corner pieces and the basic tools needed for installation for an additional charge if required.

self fit metal lawn edging kit from steelscapes norfolk


unique joining system self fit steel edging norfolk

A unique joining system

A bolt and overlapping plate joining system but with no bolt heads on the seen face. This is one of the most unique feature of our edge. To achieve a strong stable join requires a secure fixing with constant pressure such as a nut and bolt. However many clients do not wish to see any fixings on the seen face (and neither do we quite frankly) Our edging system achieves this with bolt studs welded to the inside.

joining system steelscapes steel edging for borders and lawns

Our joins are so strong it is possible to install numerous prejoined lengths in one go, saving time.

The overlapping plate is the same thickness as the edge, this ensures curves flow through joins interrupted.

metal edging for gardens

Simple to install

Once the site is prepared all you will need for most installs is a 15mm spanner or socket and a lump or sledge hammer to knock the stakes in.

If you need to cut the edge you will need a hack saw or preferably a grinder on the 6mm thick edge. If you need to join ends you have cut you will require a drill (we supply the drill bit in our joining kit).

More options
We offer 5 height options in our 6mm thick edge and 3 heights in our 3mm edge. Couple with optional accessories such as corner pieces and a cut to length service we have it covered.

steel edging stakes from steelscapes norfolk

Stakes with more grip
Our angle iron stakes have greater surface area in contact with the soil than the more common round stakes, reducing their movement in the ground. The angle iron sleeves surround the stakes providing a secure fit against the edge.

Customised steel metal edging

Customised edging
We will can accommodate any non standard edging requirements such as preforming circles, attaching wall fixing brackets, base plates for hanuching or non standard angles.
We also offer a cut to length service and preformed corner pieces. See our prices for more information on corners and cutting to length.

Excellent value

For the thickness of edge and specification our edging offers excellent value for money. See our price list.

Personal service

Whether an individual or multinational we are always happy to talk edging. It matters to us that you receive the right product and we encourage you to discuss your project with us.

We supply some of the country‚Äôs top designers, architects and civil engineering firms. Our edging has been installed across the uk in private gardens and public spaces. We enjoy regular repeat business and compliments from those who install our edging.


Through the strength and options available our edging system can be used in a vast range of applications. From the most popular metal lawn and border edging to creating raised beds, steps and terracing.

Our metal edging can be installed during construction of your project or retrospectively into an existing landscape.

steel edging in for border and lawns gardens

Metal border and bed edging

In our opinion there is nothing better to create a sharp divide between gravel and borders than a steel edge

steel edging steps in gardens

Driveway edges

For the sharpest driveway edges our thick steel edging will tolerate being driven over

resin bonded steel edging

Retain lawns

Create, crisp but subtle level changes and divides when using our metal edging to retain lawns

steel edging in for border and lawns gardens

Raised beds

Steelscapes 200mm and 300mm high edging is srtong enought to retain soil and flexible enough to form sweeping raised beds

steel edging steps in gardens

Driveways and paths

Our metal edge can provide a robust framework to aggregate and subbases during construction of driveways and paths. Supplied in longer lengths, installation is quick and simple

resin bonded steel edging

Resin bound surfaces

Steelscapes edging is a favorite amoung resin bound and surfacing contractors looking for edging which is simple to install and will tolerate the rigours of a construction site

steel edging in for border and lawns gardens

Formal path and lawn edging

Straight lines are more easily achieved with a thicker the edge. Steelscapes edging is ideal for your formal path and lawn edging

steel edging steps in gardens

Upstand to retain soil or mulch

6mm thick edging is ideal for creating an upstand to retain soil or mulch


See our specification drawings for both self fit and installed edging options and woven steel fencing. Also available as a PDF for design and drawing.

Steel edging specifications

Steel Garden Edging