Why build steel raised beds?

In our experience aesthetics is the most popular reason. Corten steel or mild steel raised beds are an impressive feature in any scheme, the change in levels provided by raised beds produces an impressive break in an often otherwise flat hard landscaping. 

From a practical growing perspective our steel raised beds provide the opportunity to import new topsoil or compost ideal for areas where soil or drainage is poor. We have even supplied our tallest metal edging to clients to create a raised bed directly on top of paving with base plates as opposed to stakes. However this does require careful plant selection!

Access to the soil is improved with a raised steel bed with less bending and in most cases when  growing vegetables a no dig system would be adopted as the soil does not become compacted through foot traffic, this maintains soil structure and prevents compaction. (Sorry we are getting rather horticultural now !) For raised beds and planters we recommend our 6mm thick edging in either Corten, galvanised or mild steel. The edge profile of 6mm thick steel is rounded so there are no sharp edges to worry about.

A series of raised steel beds will often inadvertently create pathways between them and your design should bear this in mind. When it comes to wheelchair gardening raised beds and a hard landscaped path is a great solution and 300mm high Mild steel and Corten steel edging is ideal for this.

steel edging for raised beds

Why construct raised beds using steel edging ?

Raised beds often consist of interesting geometric shapes and short steel runs. That’s no problem, we can supply our edging cut to length based on your design or provide joining kits
which allow you to reconnect any edge you have cut on site. 

Our edging contains only steel, there are no fixings which will rot or fail even below the soil line. Your raised steel border will be standing firm for in excess of 40 years. It’s a little more effort than screwing timber boards or sleepers together but once it’s done, it’s done.

We can supply corners at any angle, both internal and external, coupled with our cut to length service, or the fact you can cut your edge on site, you can let your imagination run wild.

While the edging we recommend for raised beds is our market leading 6mm thickness, space is saved compared to sleepers. We have replaced timber raised beds with steel in small gardens and the space gain is significant. 

Raised steel beds made from our edge is extremely strong, the edge sections bolt together on the inside forming a complete unit, the stakes hold the completed construction in place. All fixings are on the inside leaving you with an uninterrupted steel face. 

Last but not least they will look fantastic, using our self build steel edge even with no experience you can build intricate and complex structures.

steel raised beds ready to deliver

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Raised bed steel edge options. 

Typically for raised beds we provide our tallest edge heights at 300mm high or 200mm high. That said some customers like the subtlety of just a slight increase in height for example to raise a border above a lawn or gravel, this is often used to retain higher soil levels in borders, a thick mulch covering, or as a subtle feature. 

steel raised beds

Our full range of heights can be discovered here.

In term of finishes our standard and most popular material for raised beds is our 6mm thick mild steel edging . It’s cost effective, extremely durable and with a service life of at least 40 years. It requires no maintenance and within a year it will have weathered to the desired produce the warm brown tones.

We also offer Corten for raised beds and borders, this is available in all the same heights as our mild steel edging. There some subtle differences between Corten and mild steel, if of interest we have produced two brief articles on this please have a quick read here Corten or mild steel edging and what is Corten steel. In essence though due to the increased cost we would only recommend Corten raised beds if your setting the steel on or against lightly coloured paving as it is unlikely tocause rust staining as opposed to mild steel especially if left to weather before installation (thistakes a month or so).

Corten raised beds are also advised if you have Corten steel elsewhere nearby the garden and looking to match it exactly, however the difference in colour between weathered Corten and mild steel is very subtle.

Looking for a highly contemporary look ? We can supply Galvanised edging for raised beds too.

This is mild steel with a molten zinc coating leaving a silver grey finish, this will dull over time to become a dusty grey. Galvanised raised beds look particularly fantastic with purple flowers and green foliage and have a service life in excess of 80 years !

galvanised steel edging for gardens

Quick tips when constructing raised metal beds.

  • Ensure the ground under your raised bed is free draining to allow water to pass through
  • When creating paths between your steel beds keep them wide enough, we often see paths been beds squeezed by the prospect of more exciting planting opportunities ! We recommend
    at least 80cm for comfortable wheelbarrow access.
  • If your going to be working in your raised beds regularly (such as vegi plots) aim to keep them to a width you’re able to reach across without walking on them.
  • If setting your beds against paving leave a small gap to prevent rust staining (not applicable with galvanised steel beds). It only needs to be 5mm or more. If constructing your beds from
    Corten edging strips either on or against we advise letting the Corten weather first, this is when any rust staining can occur. A month outside in British weather will do it!
  • Keep the soil level at least 20mm from the top of the edge, this will help prevent birds and worms pushing soil over the top. Increase this if you looking to mulch once filled.
  • Your newly filled beds are likely to sink slightly as the soil settles so keep some spare to top up.
  • Use a decent soil infill, a raised bed provides a unique opportunity to have complete control over your growing medium.
  • Be brave with your design, using our steel edging provides almost limitless design opportunities, get inspired and create a feature to impress!

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raised beds made from steel


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