Corten Metal Garden Edging

3 Metre Lengths - Minimum Order 30 Metres


Prices shown are per 3 metre length
Express Delivery NOT available on Corten

To include all stakes, pre attached sleeves, joining plates and nuts.

If your order is over 100 metres, please get in touch for the latest deals.

Corten steel edging has seen a huge rise in popularity in recent years from architecture to art, construction to cladding and more recently as Corten garden edging too. It’s lovely trademark brown tones and ability to withstand the elements make it a deservedly popular material which sits beautifully in any landscape.

Our Corten steel edging is a commercial product supplied throughout the horticultural and construction industry and domestic clients looking for a robust, permanent landscape edge. We supply this in 3 meter lengths. The longer Corten edging strips speed installation and increase the strength and fluidity of the edge.

Despite its popularity there is still a lot of confusion around the use of Corten steel as edging. Customers looking for the weathered steel finish often request Corten steel not realising that our standard mild steel edging will produce almost exactly the same weathered finish in around 6 months and is more cost effective.

We generally recommend Corten garden edging if the edge is being set on or against light coloured paving or rendering as it will not cause rust staining or if you have existing Corten steel in the garden adjoining the edging. However if this is not the case we would urge people to consider using standard mild steel edging due to cost savings.

For your interest we have written a brief article comparing mild steel and Corten lawn edging you can read it here. Or see our main shop page for mild steel edging.


4 stakes, a joining plate and nuts and of course the Corten edge with fixings and sleeves attached. Unless you need corner pieces this provides all you need to get edging.

If you are looking to form corners we can provide internal and external corners to any angle. Please get in touch for Corten corner pieces. If you need to cut the edge to length and reconnect the end you’ve cut we can provide joining kits. Please note you don’t need joining kits unless your connecting an edge you’ve cut to size


We offer two Corten garden edging thicknesses 6mm and 3mm.

The 3mm thick edge is ideal for Corten lawn edging or Corten border edging, it is very flexible able to form curves down to a 1 meter radius. We offer this in three heights 75mm, 100mm and 150mm. We advise setting a third of the edge in the ground so these heights should cover all lawn and border edging requirements.

The 6mm thick Corten steel edge is a very heavy duty product, perfect for edging driveways as it will tolerate being driven over. This also comes in 75mm, 100mm and 150mm heights where it too can be used to edge grass, borders and paths. A little tip – the thicker edge makes it easier to achieve dead straight lines so if that’s what your trying to achieve, go for 6mm.

We also offer 200mm and 300mm high Corten edging, these are typically used for creating Corten steel raised beds and terracing, Corten steel steps and planters.


Our edging system is unique to us. Once installed you will not see any fixings on the seen side, just a clear Corten steel face with almost invisible joins.

The joining system is so strong you can connect numerous lengths together before installation saving time and the awkward job of connecting the Corten edging strips in situ.

The longer 3 meter Corten edging strips save time installing and enhance the unbroken flow of your edge.

Each 3 meter length has 4 sleeves to receive the stakes, these vary in length depending on the edge height ordered but are on average 40cm long and being made of angle iron have increased grip in the ground.

Edging is what we do, we make it, we install it and we supply 1000s of meters of it across the Uk and beyond each year. We are big on customer service and encourage you to discuss your edging project with us.

To get in touch Call us, send an email or even a what’s app to 07799 700600


Installation is straightforward. The Corten metal garden edging lengths connect together using the joining plates over the ends of the edge, these are fixed using nuts on the pre-welded bolts on the edge strips.

The edge is held in place using stakes. To form curves simply bend the edge by hand and stake as you go, we recommend not knocking all the stakes fully in until your happy with the overall line to allow for any adjustments.

We provide instructions with helpful tips with each order or you can view them here.


All Corten edging comes in 3 meter lengths and includes all fixings. Due to the additional time it’s takes to process corten (in comparison to mild steel) delivery can be up to 4 to 5 weeks, so order in good time. The minimum order for Corten edging is 30 meters (12 meters in mild steel)

If you’re ordering in excess of 100 meters please get in touch for any current deals.