Thick Steel 6mm Metal Garden Edging

3 Metre Lengths - Minimum Order of 12 Metres


Prices shown are per 3 metre length

To include all stakes, pre attached sleeves, joining plates and nuts.

If your order is over 100 metres, please get in touch for the latest deals.

Our 6mm thick steel garden and lawn edging is as commercial as it gets. A favourite among landscapers, developers and designers widely seen in National Trust, English Heritage and Royal Estates sites across the UK and of course countless private gardens where a commercial grade of garden edge is desired.

Despite the market leading thickness our steel edging can form tight curves down to a 2 meter radius.

The metal edge joining system is unique to us and leaves no fixings on the seen side, leaving you with an unbroken steel face with joins which are hardly visible.

Installation of our metal border edging is straight forward either into an existing garden layout or to provide a steel framework to a new design. See our metal edging portfolio for inspiration.

Once installed your metal edging requires no maintenance, simply let the weather turn the steel from a dark grey to its trademark soft brown tones which blend perfectly into a garden setting.

For more information on garden edging see our self fit edging page.

If you are  looking to create tight radius curves or simply don’t require an edge quite as thick as 6mm, please see our 3mm thick garden edge shop page.

If in any doubt just pick up the phone or email us.


Everything you need to start installing your edge. All the stakes, joining plates, nuts and of course the metal edging strips.

If you need to cut the edge and then re-connect the cut end we can provide joining kits. (If your not looking to do this you will not require any joining kits) For angles we provide internal or external 90 degree corners. For a bespoke corner of any angle please get in touch.

Our 6mm thick metal edging is perfect for driveways, it will tolerate being driven over without the need for concrete haunching.


Our 6mm thick edging comes in 5 height options – 75mm, 100mm, 150mm 200mm and 300mm high.

In general we recommend setting 1/3 of the edge below ground for lawns and borders.

Every job is different but typically the 75mm and 100mm is used as metal lawn and border edging for those wanting a particularly heavy duty edge. The 100mm high edge is sometimes used for steel path edging where there is not much height difference between the path surface and surround.

The 150mm high edge is a favourite for metal driveway edging where we recommend setting half of the edge below ground for additional stability. This leaves a pleasing 75mm visible steel face.

The 200mm and 300mm high metal edging strips are most often used to create raised beds, terracing and steps. They can and are sometimes used to edge driveways, beds and borders with a particularly deep edges.

For more information on edge height selection and loads of examples please see our self fit edging page.

Did you know we offer a cut to length service on our edging, we can fabricate small steel raised beds whole or sections which simply bolt together for larger constructions. Please get in touch for more info.


– Superior joining system. Our joining system requires millimetre perfect fabrication but it’s worth the effort. It is unique to us and extremely secure. In essence it’s a bolt together system but you won’t see a single bolt head or fixing on the seen face. The rigidity of our joins allows you to connect up to 4 strips of edge together laying flat and then manoeuvre the edge into position, therefore installing 12 meters in one go, this saves time and reduces the additional effort of connecting the edge while in position which can be fiddly.

A secure joining system is particularly paramount when using the edge for driveways and raised beds.

– Stakes with more bite. The angle iron stakes have a greater surface area against the ground than more commonly used round pegs, they are more stable and will still tolerate being knocked down with a sledge hammer if need be.

– More delivery options. Our express service is a 7 day turnaround or you can collect with just a day’s notice. Our standard delivery lead time is 3-4 weeks for just £65.00. For larger orders of 500 meters or more we can often offer the edging in 6 meter lengths for faster installation, this is typically done on our own transport.

– Excellent value. Buying directly from us the manufacturer you can be sure your receiving excellent value for money for what is a very heavy duty product.
– First class customer service. While online ordering is convenient we encourage you to talk to us about your project so we can advise which edge is best for your needs. It doesn’t stop there, if you need any installation advice once you’ve received your order you can speak directly to our head of installation. We take pride in offering a personal service and having lots of happy customers.


The steel edging strips connect together with joining plates. The edge is held in position with the stakes. Ensure that the stakes and fixings are on the unseen side leaving an uninterrupted steel face on the seen side.

When installing metal lawn edging the fixings and stakes go on the lawn side where they are hidden from view side leaving the clear face on show.

Please see our full installation guide for more tips.


Each section of edge comes with pre welded sleeves and bolts. With each section you will also receive 4 stakes, a joining plate and nuts.

The 6mm thick edge is sold in 3 meter lengths with a minimum order of 12 meters (4 lengths).

Corner sections and joining kits (for connecting ends of the edge you have cut on site) are available.

For bespoke edge lengths or pre made raised beds please get in touch.