Thick Steel 3mm Metal Garden Edging

2 Metre Lengths - Minimum Order of 12 Metres


Prices shown are per 2 metre length

To include all stakes, pre attached sleeves, joining plates and nuts.

If your order is over 100 metres, please get in touch for the latest deals.

Ours is a truly commercial metal garden edging system as a result we are the go to supplier throughout the horticultural and construction industry.

Those who switch to our edging system stay with us!

Despite the commercial nature of our steel edging installation is straight forward, requiring only basic tools and no prior edging experience.

Steelscapes 3mm thick garden edging is flexible enough to form tight curves with a radius down to 1 meter making it a perfect choice for flowing metal lawn edging, permanent metal border edging and path edges.

To create curves simply stake one end of the edge and walk it round connecting the edge and staking as you go.

Once installed your steel edge should be left to weather to a warm brown, it doesn’t require any maintenance. The weathering process takes around 9 months depending on conditions.

Take a look at the edging portfolio to see what can be created using steelscapes metal garden edging.

For driveway edging and heavy traffic areas we recommend our 6mm thick metal edging. While it’s a stiffer edge it still has the flex to form a circle with a 2 meter radius but will tolerate being driven over. For more in depth information please see our self fit edging page.


All the stakes, joining plates nuts and of course steel edge strips you require. For a majority of projects this is all you need.

We can also provide joining kits which are only needed if you cut the edge and need to re-connect an end you have cut. If you have corners we can offer corner pieces at 90 degrees as standard, all available to buy online. Please get in touch if you need bespoke corners angles.


The 3mm thick garden edging is available in 3 heights
– 75mm which is ideal for low metal border edges.
– 100mm perfect for border or low metal path and lawn edges
– 150mm is often used for deeper borders, higher steel lawn edging, path edging or low raised beds.

For more information on our edging system see our self fit edging page.


Quite simply we produce what we feel is the most superior edging system on the market.

– Steelscapes edge joining system is unique and very secure allowing you to connect numerous edging strips together before installation saving time and ensures the edging flexes uninterrupted through the joins. Our clever bolt together joining system has no fixings on the seen face, you will not see a single bolt head. The joins are barely visible even if you know where to look!

– The long angle iron stakes slide snugly through the sleeves, these have more grip in the ground that round pegs typically used and are spaced every 67 centimetres.

– Fast turnaround, with 1000s of meters of steel edging ready on the racks we can offer an express 7 day delivery option, or you can collect your edging from us with just a days notice.

– By buying directly from us the manufacturers ensures excellent value for money for a commercial product.

– We care, we really do. We care about your project, we care about you getting the right product and we care that you’re happy with our service. While we take orders on line in honesty we actually prefer to have contact with our customers so if you want to talk edging just call us on 01485 524251 or email us. We are open from 8.00 to 4.00.


The metal edging strips simply connect together with an overlapping plate with holes to receive the bolts pre welded on the back of the edge. You can connect a number of edge strips together before placing into the final position and hammering the stakes through the sleeves.

The edge should be installed so the side with the joining plates and stakes are hidden in the ground leaving a clean unbroken steel face on show.

For more installation tips please see our guide here.


Our 3mm thick metal edging is sold in 2 meter lengths, the prices shown are per length we have a minimum order of 12 meters and two delivery options. Simply enter the number of edging edging strips you require, the edge height and the delivery option to calculate the total cost.

If you are looking to order in excess of 50 meters please get in touch for any current deals.