Why use steel edging for soil  retention?

Why not?

Steel edging for garden retainers have strength and durability whilst also looking aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The 6mm thick mild steel will last in excess of 25 years, thats got to be a good reason to use steel for many uses. The gorgeous copper tones blend in with nature and perfectly match your planting schemes. The mild steel will weather down to the Corten colour in about 8 to 10 months time, but if you wanted something more instant then you could choose the Corten steel which will reach its full colour within one month. The beautiful bronzes and copper colours are the perfect match for any planting schemes.

steel edging for garden retainers

The Steelscapes steel edging with a starting height of 75mm all the way up to 300mm high is perfect to terrace a sloped garden from the smallest slope to a great big step.

A steeply sloping garden can sometimes be restrictive, but by using steel to terrace it, opens up a whole new area. You could have multiple steps, or fewer and bigger steps.

You can accommodate changes in lawn or garden heights easily, without the need to concrete in, thus not restricting plant or lawn growth.

steel edging for garden steps and retainers

Steel is perfect for sectioning off areas of your garden, this helps keep it neat and tidy and stops different substrates like gravel and soil mixing in together. This is an age old problem, and many people use timber or concrete path edging. But, this does not flex easily and is difficult to get those lovely flowing curves. With our steel edging you can easily create curves & bends giving you a whole new outlook on your garden.

steel edging for retaining pebbles and gravel where it meets lawn

The highest steel we offer at 300mm high has many uses for retaining including surrounds for fire pits or bar-b-ques, go on, let your imagination run wild!

With two thickness options, 3mm & 6mm you can curve this steel to create circles. The 3mm thick will create a circle with a diameter of just 2 meters and the 6mm can create a complete circle with a diameter of 4 meters (for sizes up to 150mm high) for the tallest edging (200mm & 300mm) a complete circle can be created with a 5 meter diameter

steel edging for fire pits and bbqs

Its so easy to create different levels in your garden to give stunning definitions of height changes whilst making flowing curves, make a feature and add interest to that special area.

flexible steel edging for gardens

The stakes supplied with our edging have typically 300mm in the ground- thats a lot of steel securing the edging in place. These are supplied unattached to the edging making installation easier. Simply place the edging where you want it to go and then when happy with the location, pop the stakes into their sleeves and hammer them down. Our easy to follow installation guide is supplied with every order.

Create beautiful winding paths in your garden and around your house. Our steel is strong enough to hold back many different materials, from shingle to tarmac.

steel edging for winding paths

We can offer our steel edging in 3 finishes and 8 sizes.

Untreated mild steel which will weather to its stunning copper and bronzes tones within 8 to 10 months and is the most cost effective. 

Corten steel which will weather to its trademark copper tones within a month and is suitable if its final location is on a feature which will show rust stains.

Galvanised steel for that contemporary look again can be used on a pale coloured surface of a surface which will show rust stains.

Both galvanised and Corten are more expensive than mild steel, but if the steel is to be used where staining could be an issue then one of these would potentially be more suitable.

All of these come in the following sizes:-
3mm thick
75mm, 100mm and 150mm high
6mm thick
75mm, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm and 300mm

6mm thick is recommended where there could be vehicle access or in a commercial or public setting, whilst the 3mm thick is perfect for gardens, paths and borders, or where tighter curves are needed.

Other companies will try to cut costs by offering 5mm thick for vehicle areas, but this is a false economy as 1mm really does make a difference when you are talking about strength of the steel!! Its 20% different.

vehicle traffic commercial steel edging

Speak to either Dawn or Jimmy on 01485 524251 to discuss the best option for your retaining feature. 

As seen on the BBC’s “Your garden made perfect” a very creative tiered garden was built using Steelscapes mild steel edging.

Steelscapes edging is just the ultimate in metal edging once installed its maintenance free. Just leave it to weather naturally and thats it!!


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