Fitted solar power panels

Power of the sun

Fitted solar panels at Steelscapes


This winter we have fitted solar panels to our workshop.

On sunny days we should be running completely on sunlight, batteries will provide additional stored solar power at other times.

Recycling more

Installing solar is the biggest move we have made to be greener this year and it feels good!
In addition we have taken on a commercial recycle bin to reduce our everyday waste going to landfill and, we are confident Steelscapes will be sourcing even more steel from UK mills in 2023 having negotiated a competitive price for all our woven steel fencing slats from a UK supplier.

Steelscapes solar power

Reduced packaging

When it comes to plastic packaging, we have resisted the temptation to wrap our products in branded plastic wrap, with most orders being delivered loose by hand requiring zero packaging, those which are palletised use cable ties as the only plastic component.

Our products

While the steel used in our products does have a high initial carbon footprint to produce it does have an exceptionally long service life, reducing the carbon footprint created by work to replace products with a shorter lifespan. Steel is also infinitely recyclable and tends to have a lower carbon footprint than using concrete (for example steel edging as opposed to concrete kerb edging).

Steelscapes solar panels

Going forwards

As we continue to expand we will look to generate the additional green power needed with wind or solar generation.

We will also monitor the possibility of green steel which is produced without the use of fossil fuels. Currently the range of green steel sections available is limited and it is significantly more expensive. Hopefully in the near future costs will reduce and availability will increase to make this a viable option and it’s something we will keep an eye on.

In reality there will always be trade offs between cost and the environment in all aspects of life. While we truly believe our edging system is the best on the market we know we also need to be one of the most competitive. Moves towards being greener has had no negative impact on our charges and we intend to keep it that way.

We hope our customers take some comfort in knowing we take environmental impact seriously and will continue working towards being a net zero carbon business.

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