We offer two types of steel edging which are intended to weather naturally, Corten steel edging and mild steel.

Like mild steel, Corten steel edging will form beautiful flowing curves and perfect straight lines.

Corten edging is supplied with all the stakes, joining plates and fixings. We can provide Corten corners to any angle & joining kits if you need to cut the edge and re connect a cut end. It can be easily cut with an angle grinder or hacksaw, and the 3mm thick edge can even be bent to form your own corners.

Our bespoke Corten corners, made to any angle you need.

corten corners for corten edging

Our Corten edging system is unique to us and is fabricated in our Norfolk workshop. We are proud of it and honestly believe ours is the best edging system on the market.

Corten garden edging is ideal for lawns and borders, paths and separating areas of the garden such as gravel and grass, or creating terraces in sloping gardens. Our 6mm Corten edging is perfect for driveways and paths where it will stand up to vehicular traffic and ride on mowers.

3mm Metal Garden Edging

Why use Corten steel edging?

We are asked quite a bit about the advantages of Corten steel edging over mild steel. To help with this we have produced two brief (and brutally honest!) blogs on the subject. If of interest please see What is Corten Steel? and Corten or Mild Steel Edging .

In essence both mild steel and Corten are fantastic edging materials which will last well in excess of 25 years. Both our mild steel and Corten edging will weather to a lovely golden brown however Corten is faster to develop the weathered tones than mild steel and despite this it also has an increased lifespan. On a practical level Corten edging won’t deposit rust stains onto paved surfaces. So if setting edging onto lightly coloured paved surfaces we would always advocate using Corten and as we see it’s this is it’s main advantage over mild steel edging. 

Corten steel edging along winding path

Corten Steel Edging for Driveways

Like paths you can install Corten edging into old and new driveways. The weathered steel face provides a lovely frame to your drive and leads your eye along. A steel driveway edge is a
beautifully subtle feature, providing you with thin profile, sharp line to the sides of your driveway.

The long stakes ensure a secure fit and unlike other edging it doesn’t need to be set in concrete, this is a big advantage in the summer where lawns set over the top of concrete will yellow and dry. With Corten driveway edging your lawns will look the same right up to the edge. 

Corten Raised Beds
Our Corten edging can be supplied up to 300mm high making it ideal for lower raised beds and terracing. The 6mm thickness and 50cm long stakes which are supplied the 300mm high Corten edge provide a sturdy construction ideal for holding back soil. We can provide preformed corners to any angle and kits to allow you to cut the edge and reconnect a cut end so the only limiting factor on the shapes you can create is your imagination.

Corten Steel Cladding
Due to our Corten buying power we can supply Corten sheets for cladding at competitive rates.

These can be laser cut to any size, we can attach hidden fixings and deliver to anywhere in the UK.

For advice on Corten steel edge installation please see our guide.


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