DIY SOS Big Build

Doing our bit this autumn with the BBC DIY SOS Big Build in Leeds!

DIY SOS Big Build

Steelscapes is getting involved in a big project, a long way from home in Leeds where BBC DIY SOS: The Big Build have teamed up with BBC Children in Need.

This time Nick and his team are constructing a new facility for the Getaway Girls a fantastic charity helping girls and young women.

Steelscapes were approached to install their woven steel fencing for perimeter screening in their new garden.

Jimmy commented: “We were excited to be a part of the team and support a great cause so it was an easy decision for us. The fence construction took four days to complete with early starts until we were stopped by fading light. With up to 200 people working on site at any time we have never experienced such a frantic and busy site but you need a lot of hands to take a building from ground level to completion in just 12 days.”

“The atmosphere was fantastic with everyone helping one another and a whole range of trades getting involved. At one point we had seven firefighters forming a human chain to pass us the steel through crowds of busy volunteers.

The reveal day is literally the day after completion with some people working through the night applying the finishing touches. It was an emotional affair to witness the handover of the new building to Getaway Girls, with Zoe Ball and Scott Mills to add some stardust!”

Jimmy added: “The garden and building will be a fantastic legacy for Getaway Girls to continue and expand their work. For us too it was a privilege to leave a lasting legacy and an experience we will never forget, we would encourage anyone considering getting involved in projects like this to give it a go!”

Keep an eye out for us and our woven steel fencing when the program is aired on BBC One in early November.

BBC Children in Need DIY SOS Big Build in Leeds
BBC DIY SOS Big Build in Leeds
DIY SOS Big Build
DIY SOS Big Build

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