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steel edging in gardens


Our steel edging has evolved over time to what we truly believe is the most robust, effective and value for money system on the market, providing a permanent maintenance free solution.

We install untreated mild steel which takes around 6 months to weather. The lifespan is in excess of 25 years and we advise against painting or applying any finish which would then require reapplying.

As well as our service, we now offer our same commercial grade of edging on a supply only basis for self installation. We have just introduced this option as a result of regular requests for our service beyond our coverage area, and from professionals who wish to carry out their own installation.

Whether supply only or fitted by us our edge is commercial grade and is installed in both public spaces and private gardens throughout the UK.

Constructed from market leading 6mm thick mild steel bar, installation is possible in even the most inhospitable ground with our angle iron stakes being able to withstand a blow from a sledge hammer if necessary!

steel edging in gardens
steel edging in gardens


Applications are wide ranging and diverse but typically include the following; border and lawn edging, raised beds, resin bonded and Astroturf edging, lawn and border terracing, steel steps, retaining walls, driveway and path edging.

steel edging in gardens
steel edging in gardens
resin bonded steel edging
steel edging in gardens

We are keen on new challenges so please present any ideas you have.

We recently set up a time-lapse video to show the installation of raised vegetable beds as shown below.


Due to demand, this year we set to work designing a self fit system, relying on our experience of installing many miles of edging and working with landscape professionals.

The biggest challenge was to create a joining system which is as strong as the edge itself, allows curves to flow evenly through the joins and is simple to install with basic tools. In addition, we were keen to ensure tht no fixings were visible on the seen side as this is something designers and architects love about our edging.

Via a system of overlapping plates and bolts welded on the inside, our self fit edging achieves all of the above and offers fantastic value for money.

Please see the specification drawings below and price list.



self installation steel edging in gardens


Sparks fly as your steel edging is being cut, welded and formed into position from 6 meter lengths of solid steel bar to create a bespoke and permanent steel framework to borders, driveways and paths.

Joins and corners are welded and reinforced with back plates. Stakes are welded onto the sleeves to prevent any vertical movement.

Either installed into an existing garden layout or as part of a new project. We are happy to work in with contractors and will always do our best to fit around their timeframes.

Please see the specification drawings for more information and prices.



steel edging in gardens